Samsung Series 9 27” Monitor

By Aric Mitchell on January 11, 2013

Are monitors and televisions really all that different? Apparently they are. On the one hand, if you tried to watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead on a 27″ TV, it would be quite disappointing. But if you’re knocking around online such a monitor might be considered overkill. With the Samsung Series 9 27″ Monitor, we are all smiles. Perhaps the super-HD-on-steroids 2560×1440 resolution has something to do with it.

The Series 9 is a slender beauty the way every good LED should be. Featuring vibrant colorization and shiny metallic design, each unit is rigorously fine-tuned before it is ever shipped out. An adjustable height stand also gives you some design and aesthetic control over how she looks in the middle of a home or office. (Trust us, she’ll look great.)

$1200 Buy

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