The Samsung Portable 3D Blu-Ray Player may not be the best innovation to come along for home 3D technology, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. While the price tag of five bills is still a little much considering the machine’s limitations, the release of the Samsung BD-C8000 is a sign that home viewing is about to change for the better. Enjoy all the great BD Live stuff like YouTube, Netflix, and VuDu, on this machine, but don’t expect to watch a 3D movie on its 10.3-inch flip screen. To do that, you’ll need a television that is 3D capable, and you’ll need to connect the player to it.

Since Samsung owns 80% of the 3D market, chances are you will not only be signing over $450-500 for the machine, but you will also need one of their TVs, too. Pretty expensive for adding a third dimension, but if there is one thing we’ve learned about technology over the years, it’s that prices always fall the longer something is out on the market. Keep your eyes on this, folks. Home entertainment is about to get really cool again.

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