Here’s something for all you bike nuts. It’s the Salsa Beargrease, a lightweight fat bike and it’s awesome.

It’s designed purely to be a lightweight racer with its extremely stiff and light tubing and lack of unnecessary weight. The fat frameset weighs just 5.2 lbs and a complete bike comes in at a mere 28.5 lbs, making it perfect for “attacking events like the Arrowhead 135, the Simpson Desert Classic, or simply dominating your local weekend snow series.”

As well as being lightweight, the frame of the Beargrease has a very low and stable geometry, which makes riding in soft or loose conditions that little bit more comfortable, especially at speed. It also features relatively low bars (20mm lower than other Salsa models) to make the riding position more aggressive for those looking to hammer.

It’s built purely with function in mind but just so happens to look incredible, too.