Do you fancy luxury watches, yet still find that most are…well, a bit impersonal and bland? Look no further than luxury watch converter Project X. Project X customizes unworn, brand new wristwatches (i.e. Rolex) into the following exclusive styles:

  • BLACK-Out: this collection features a set of stunning, legendary Rolex/Audemars Piguet watches, laden with Project X’s proprietary Black Carbon coating.
  • Limited Editions: featuring either the Submariner or Dayton Series from Rolex, both benefit from Project X’s unique take on these classic, iconic watches by lending them a contemporary motif.
  • STEALTH Series: James Bond would truly turn green in envy. This British SBS-inspired series also features the Rolex Submariner series of watches, but adds some seriously sexy little touches to the Rolex Submariner Mark III and Mark IV timepieces—like the custom BLACK-Out bezel on an anti-reflective satin casing (Mark III) or the Matte BLACK-Out ceramic bezel atop a matte BLACK Carbon housing. Both feature a chic, Reed-green band that’s symbolic of the SBS.

All wristwatches by Project X are very limited in supply and once a particular customization sells out, that’s the end of the line for it. Talk about exclusivity!