Primal Cuts: Cooking with America’s Best Butchers

By Harry Marks on July 25, 2011

There was an art of cutting meat that almost died for good, until it was recently revived by butchers from all over the country who wanted a perfect cut of lamb or chicken for their favorite recipes.

In her new book, Primal Cuts, Marissa Gugianna travels the U.S. and talks with 50 famous butchers about everything from their favorite dishes to their tips and tricks for the budding novice. The book is full of 100 recipes, complete with photos, illustrations and detailed instructions on the best practices for home butchering.

Techniques come from everyone from top-rated chefs to down-home farmers – you can learn something from everyone, regardless of their fame or how many restaurants they own. Just be careful with that cleaver – no one likes a butcher missing three fingers.

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