Porsche Design Swiss Army Knives

By Aric Mitchell on July 29, 2010

You may not know the name Wenger, but you definitely know their products. The driving force behind Swiss Army Knives, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree with their new line of Porsche Design Swiss Army Knives. Featuring a ruthenium-built handle, curved and crafted to encompass a variety of different uses, this is the last word you’ll ever need from an all-purpose hand tool.

File your nails, open beer and champagne bottles with ease, and use the scissors for anything from cutting paper to opening CD cases. Also featured is a screwdriver. And let’s not forget the knife itself. A small and easy-to-use package, Porsche Design Swiss Army Knives offer multiple functions for a constant state of convenience. And they’ve got a really cool name, too. If you can’t afford the Porsche on four wheels, then think about adding the pocket-sized version to your lifestyle.

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