Your standard water bottle doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for improvement. You got a bottle. You got water. Apart from maybe funky colors or a built-in slice of lime, what’s to change? 

Everything, as it turns out. The Platy Plus Water Bottle from Platypus is built in a super ergonomic shape and with a carry loop so you can sling it over a finger. So far so good. It’s also made out of a soft, flexible, highly durable film so it weighs 80% less and when it’s empty you can fold it up and store it in 1/5th of the space. And it’s got a built-in anti-microbial called SlimeGuard that wages war on green gunk and keeps your water from tasting like you dunked it out of a ditch.

Unless you enjoy wasting space and are fond of the earthy flavor of algae, it’s time to say goodbye to your old faithful watter bottle.