We told you about the original Parrot AR Drone a while back and, as cool as it was, it turns out it just got even cooler.

With improved hovering capabilities thanks to a new pressure sensor, it’s now even easier to spy on your hot neighbor sunbathing next door and you can fly higher and safer than before.

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 can now be controlled via your iPad as well as iPhone or other smartphone while the full HD camera records in-flight footage back to your device. The camera also now features a 92 degrees wide-angle lens for maximum peripheral vision on your screen while piloting.

Controlling the quadricopter is as easy as tilting your hand device forward and back or side to side, meaning you don’t need a degree in order to get some serious fun out of it. However, with the ability to perform tricks and make countless performance adjustments, there’s certainly some advanced potential for the inner nerd in you.