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LP To MP3 Converter Is A Groovy Way To Hold On To Forgotten Vinyl

I’m a vinyl junkie. There’s a lot on those old platters that will never again see the light of day from a traditional music release, so to have the rare stuff digitally, would be super cool. Thankfully, Hammacher is offering the LP to MP3 turntable for those of us with the time and the ambition. The turntable comes with a pair of integrated speakers, and it plugs into a computer using the included USB cable. Its included software works on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, or a Mac, automatically separating 33 1/3-, 45-, and 78-rpm record tracks into individual MP3s. Read More

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This Bicycle Exercise Desk Means You’re Out Of Excuses

Too busy to get exercise on the job? You may want to give this foldable exercise desk a try. This device allows riders to work while burning cals. It features a non-slip surface, easy-access drawer, and massage rollers positioned to make typing while exercising comfortable. A strong elastic cord secures a laptop to the platform. The bicycle’s semi-recumbent frame, twin-belt mechanism, and padded adjustable saddle and backrest make pedaling seem almost second nature as you surf the web, play games, or watch movies. The bike’s magnetic resistance adjusts easily with a turn of a dial and an onboard computer displays Read More

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Meet The Robot That Will Clean Your Gutters

The Autonomous Robot Gutter Cleaner from Hammacher is the only robot that removes leaves, small branches, and dirt from gutters, allowing you to do jack squat. Made by iRobot, developers of tactical reconnaissance robots for the U.S. military, the robot’s advanced sensors detect and adapt to debris, cleaning a 30-foot gutter section in five minutes. The robot rotates its powerful auger at 500 rpm to break apart clogs, durable twin rubber ejector paddles lift and throw detritus up and out, and twin polypropylene brushes finish the process by wiping the gutter clean—it even reacts to stubborn sections by backing up Read More

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Birdi Monitors The Air Health Of Your Living Space

At Birdi, the mission is to build elegant devices that save lives. To do this, they’ve unleashed the Birdi Smart Air Monitor that promises to be “better than a smoke detector.” This wifi-connected device tracks air quality, whether it’s an everyday health danger like indoor air pollution or an emergency like fire or elevated carbon monoxide levels. It installs on your ceiling and feeds information to you via the smartphone app, so you can know how things are going whether you’re sitting in your living room or at the office. Birdi first received a round of angel funding and has Read More

Bamboo Smart Assistant Tablet And Phone Dock

These days we use our iPads for everything — even in the kitchen. But this is tricky business since it’s electronic and there is a danger of contaminating it with ingredients. If only there was a docking station that kept it out of the way and visible while we did our thing… (You know where we’re going with this.)  Introducing the bamboo smart assistant that docks and charges your tablet or smartphone while you cook up your favorite dishes! Each device is neatly cradled with an ingenious cable management system that keeps all charging wires out of site and clear Read More

Polyhedral Dice Now On Kickstarter

From the mind of Sly Kly comes these uniquely crafted Polyhedral Dice, precision-machined to perfection and ready to roll for your next RPG night with the guys. Each set of seven comes in a gorgeous metal dice vault, and are CNC machined from solid metal alloys. While they’re not created in the most efficient of ways — each one is handmade — the extra TLC shows in the quality, and the process itself is far superior to molded plastic or molded metal dice. Polyhedral Dice are also popular with more than just gamers. They’re also frequently used by teachers and Read More

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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine may be the best workout you ever have — it’s certainly the quietest! Using a water flywheel that replicates actual rowing, it will help you work 84 percent of your muscle mass while keeping things smooth, quiet and self-regulated. The frame is built from honey oak and solid ash for additional absorption of sound and vibration. Digging deeper into the functionality, the WaterRower utilizes a Series 4 performance monitor that tells you everything you need to know about your workout — intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, calories burned, and more. Pick yours up from the Read More

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Marvel Unlimited Online Comic Book Collection

Confession time: since comics have moved to the iPad, I’ve actually started reading them again. For the first time since sixth grade, the adventures of Spidey and Captain America have started to attract me, although I still tend to gravitate to the old stuff. Thankfully, things like Marvel Unlimited exist, so I can indulge until my heart’s content. With Marvel Unlimited, you pay a monthly fee — discounts and additional perks available for purchasing a year upfront — but in return, you get access to thousands upon thousands of comics from both yesterday and today with more titles being added Read More