Japan Just Created Privacy-Reclaiming Glasses That Will Defeat Google

Google Glass has shown us the way. In the future, everyone will have their own video-recording glasses (and maybe even contact lenses!), so just how does one regain their privacy in an Read More

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500px Releases An Instagram For Professionals

Are you a pro-photographer who has no time to mess around with juvenile filters and the mass of amateur photographers on Instagram? If so, then you already know that 500px is the Read More

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Turn Any TV Set Into A Touchscreen With The Touchjet WAVE

It’s 2015 and every screen in your life can be touched. Tablets? Touchable. Phones? Touchable. Laptops? Touchable. Even Desktop Monitors can be interacted with via touch these days. You know what can’t Read More

Firefox 40 Is The Best Windows 10 Browser. Period.

It might not be the mid-2000s anymore but Firefox is still a very popular browser for users who don’t want to use IE/Safari but still don’t want to give over their precious Read More

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Smach Zero, The World’s First Handheld Steam Machine Coming In 2016

If you’re a gamer then you probably have heard of Steam Machines already. Y’know, those ultra-powered SteamOS-running gaming rigs? But did you know that Steam Machines can be slick portable gaming powerhouses Read More

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Wildcard Is A Fantastic New Way To Read News On iOS

From Google News to Apple news and from Flipboard to Pulse there are more mobile news apps that you can shake a stick at. So why in the world do we need Read More

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Open Source Artificial Intelligence Is Finally Here With Mycroft

Don’t you wish you had a personal assistant like in the movie Her? Your assistant could help you play media, control lights, control your Roomba, start your 3D Printer, and even fall Read More

The Samsung 850 Evo/Pro Is The Last SSD You’ll Ever Need

Stop wasting time searching for wimpy SSD drives and start giving your computer the storage space it needs and deserves. Luckily everyone’s favorite Korean (sorry LG) technology supergiant has your back. Their Read More