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Gadget Autopsy Shows How Stupid It Is Not To Have A Smartphone

UK-based Viking has delivered a hot new infographic to show just how idiotic it is not to own a smartphone when you consider all the gadgets they replace and the subsequent savings. According to the research, a high-end smartphone in Britain runs around $780. Now keep in mind, the functions documented here are not as extensive as what a smartphone is capable of once you add in third-party apps. Even so, it looks like buying a smartphone outright would save you around $333. On top of that, the equipment that it replaces adds up to around 16.4 pounds compared to Read More

Evalino Stain-Proof Shirts: You Really Gotta See This

No way I would have believed this shirt could exist if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own two eyes — which you’re about to do as well. Every fiber of the Evalino shirt is engineered with the latest stain-proof technology, meaning that you could end up spilling your lunch or coffee on it, and it will still look as good as new. Best of all, the designs are not compromised in the process, so you get a highly functional shirt and a fashionable one to boot! These are available now on Kickstarter for about $70. That will get you Read More

Apple Fans, Get Organized With The UNITI Stand

United, your computer and mobile devices stand with the UNITI Stand integrated dock and charging system. UNITI is an all-in-one stand that features a finish closely resembling Apple products, though we suppose you could use it with any computer and Android as well. Now available through Kickstarter, this was designed to be a complete desktop and device organizer for your workspace, improving productivity throughout every minute of your day. In addition to the fantastic charging points and accessibility, it can also improve posture by elevating your iMac, Thunderbolt, or non-Apple monitor to an ergonomically correct position. The UNITI Stands are Read More

PACT Threadless, Glueless Leather Cases For All Tastes

If you always felt the visibility of threads and the lack of dependability of glue ruined an otherwise perfectly nice leather case or bag, you’re not alone. The folks at PACT set out to fix the problem and finally believe they have with a new line of product — available now through Kickstarter — that uses neither of these materials in the construction process. Each PACT product is minimalist leather at its finest. Through the use of lasers, the company has managed to cut extremely precise patterns and then weave and fold them together by hand without using anything except leather. Read More

The Capricorn Pocket Hook: One Versatile Key Dangler

From a pair of recent high school graduates, we’ve got a pretty cool keychain dangler for you today, called the Capricorn Pocket Hook. What makes this so unique is that it consists of a main hook, pocket clip and shallow hook for housing your keys, while also serving as a durable lifting device. Each hook lends itself to other uses. For instance, they can be used to carry bags, lift hot dutch ovens, attach items to backpacks, and more. You can get yours now from the recently launched Kickstarter campaign. Each Capricorn Pocket Hook will cost you around $17 (Early Read More

Vincero Watches Built From The Roman Empire (Well, Sort Of)

Vincero’s automatic watches are uniquely crafted from Italian Marble, which has been incorporated into the dials for a luxury timepiece unlike any other. As the company tells us, this is the exact same kinds of marble used to carve the Statue of David and build the Roman Empire. In that vain, these go well beyond simple wristwatch status to a full-blown work of art. The first three limited release styles will be coming soon to Kickstarter. The company says they’ve chosen this path to remove unnecessary steps in the distribution and retail processes and keep costs down. With each dial Read More

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Exchange Concept Could Breathe New Life Into Handwriting

From designer Jeffrey Brown comes Exchange, a new and innovative way of communicating with handwritten notes and pages. Users may share or store handwritten messages such as letters, drawings, or notes, to be stored digitally for later, shared in real time, or even broadcast online. By attaching Exchange to a notebook or paper, the corresponding stylus can scan notes or drawings as they are written where they are documented into digital “journals”. This allows artist to share their work in a new way, teachers to communicate with a student’s notes, friends to draw together while distances apart, and much more. Read More

Take Your Home Theater On The Road With The UC30 Portable LED Mini Projector

These are good times to live in if a big screen and a crystal clear picture are your desires. With the UC30 30-watt mini portable LED projector, you’ll get a solid, dependable display in the 16:9 ratio, boasting a contrast ratio of 600:1 and native resolution of 640 x 480. Yes, we know that isn’t quite the horsepower of your flatscreen at home, but with this, you can go a lot bigger and it’s small enough where travel is a breeze. It has no built-in memory or storage, but it does take a support SD card up to 32GB, and Read More

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