GalacTac Project Is Mandalorian Armor For The Real World

Ever dream about being Boba Fett? Chances are that if you were born after Empire Strikes Back debuted in theaters way back in 1980, you probably wished you were the world’s most Read More

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Prepd Is The World’s First Intelligent Lunchbox

Calorie counting isn’t simple. When we see food we instinctively eat it instead of looking at its nutritional value, and it may take a while to build the habit. Wouldn’t it be Read More

Glyph Is A Home Theatre In A Visor

CES 2016 has come and gone, leaving us in a whirlwind of new produce announcements. One of these exciting new gadgets is called “Glyph”, and it’s bound to be one of the Read More

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Insomniac? Spritely Can Help With That

Having problems waking up in the morning? Meet the world’s unbeatable wakeup solution! Spritely is a brand new type of gadget which you place under your bed, between your mattress and boxspring. Read More

Ubuntu Releases First Tablet

Are you the type of person who’s been curious about trying Linux? If so then here’s your chance: Ubuntu (and Spanish hardware company BQ) has released its first consumer-grade tablet. Unlike desktop Read More

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Take Care Of Your Feet With BASE Smart Insoles

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. You may not realize it as you go from work to home, but they carry your weight and support your Read More

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Yes, You Can Own Your Very Own Island In Sunny Florida!

Ever want to own your own island? It’s the dream of everyone who values both privacy and luxury! Well, now there’s an island up for sale in sunny Florida which will be Read More

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Hush Will Help You Get Some Much Needed Sleep

Are you the type of person who has difficulty sleeping? Then you should probably consider investing in Hush. For just $150, you can banish your insomnia for good thanks to Hush’s ingenious Read More

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