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Top 10: Richest Men (of All Time)

LIX 3D Printer Pen Is The Best Yet

While LIX is certainly not the first 3D printer pen on the market, it appears to be the best. All you’ve got to do to reach that conclusion is take one look at some of the creations it’s able to render. Seriously, these “drawings” are so crisp and clear they appear as if a masterfully detailed 2D drawing has just leapt off-page with all dimensions and chutzpah the artist intended intact. Pre-orders for the gorgeous new pen are not yet underway, though Mashable notes that the Kickstarter launch is right around the corner, hitting as early as April 14. While Read More

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More IPhone 6 Details Leaked By Someone ‘In The Know’

MacRumors and other sites around the web are now reporting — from sources linked to a company insider — that the iPhone 6 is a go for this year, and that there will be two versions of the long-awaited and highly anticipated device. New and existing Apple users will be able to name their poison in both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes, the new reports are stating. The smaller version is expected sometime in September, while the larger could drop around the holidays. Spec-wise, early word has it that the iPhone 6 will feature Touch ID and atmospheric sensors as well Read More

The Invisible Car Is Here (Sort Of)

What weird and wonderful times we live in! While Land Rover’s new invisible car technology (developed by Discovery Vision Concepts) isn’t going to turn your wheels into Hollow Man, it will allow you to better observe your terrain by using augmented reality to make the front of the car seem transparent as you’re riding along in your automobile. The companies recently debuted the technology in a web video. It lasts for about 54 seconds, so it won’t take up much time if you’d like to see it for yourself. It’s easy to witness how this futuristic detail could serve in Read More

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Mirror, Beam, And Stream, Android Users: AllCast Does It All

As an Apple junkie, one of the key features that has managed to successfully segregate me from the Android crowd is the flexible airplay option that can open up content convenience and possibilities from laptops, phones, and tablets to the Apple TV set-top box. Of course, the function has been exclusively to Apple devices, which is fairly limiting considering the company’s small market share. Now with AllCast, Android users can negate this Apple advantage with an app that streams or screen-mirrors from your Android device to Amazon’s newly announced FireTV media player. This means Android users can play videos (including Read More

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Play Music, HD Movies On All Devices With Tubecore Duo

Friends, if you have yet to be introduced to the joys of XBMC, there’s no better way to lose your virginity than through the Tubecore Duo speaker. What this is exactly, is a powerful Bluetooth-enabled speaker that runs your entire media center. It’s capable of connecting via Wi-Fi and playing both music and HD-quality movies on all your devices. Here’s a full list of the Duo’s features for you techies: Dual, Single Phase Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifiers 100 watt, Solid State Main Amp + Mono Block 30 watt Subwoofer Amp Twin 4″ Composite Cone, 50w Reference Drivers w/ Machined Aluminum Horns Read More

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Every Game Of Thrones Death In Less Than Three Minutes

The next time someone asks how many people have died in the Game Of Thrones TV series from HBO, you’ll now have an answer. (Until the next episode anyway.) That answer is 5,179, although there is one particular event where a ton of people die at once, so it’s a bit of a copout if you ask us. Still, there are enough gruesome and bloody kills in this short video package to warrant a NSFW disclaimer. And we’ll admit, even glossing over the Red Wedding the way this thing does, it still hurts a little. We can’t think of many Read More

The Expendables III Trailer: First Look

The Expendables III trailer has arrived with a minute-long look at the huge list of stars that Sly Stallone has compiled for what is hopefully a last run at the series. Unfortunately, the other two films just never lived up to the hype surrounding them. It was rather difficult to reconcile the huge gap in quality between the fourth Rambo film (awesome) and The Expendables I and II (eye-rollingly bad). Nevertheless, we’re a little curious to see villain Mel Gibson devour scenery, so we’ll probably catch up to part three when it inevitably turns up on Netflix Instant. The idea Read More

RIP Ultimate Warrior

It’s with an extremely heavy heart that we face the news of the passing of Ultimate Warrior, Jim Hellwig (pictured above at left), on Tuesday. He was reportedly outside an Arizona hotel walking to his car alongside his wife when he collapsed. TMZ reports that he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. What makes the death especially odd is that on Saturday night he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. On Sunday night he appeared at Wrestlemania 30, and, in a bizarre coincidence, gave a farewell speech of sorts at Monday Night Raw Read More

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