Technology Can Solve The Water Crisis And Nebia Proves It

You know that drought which is happening in California? Sorry to be bleak but unfortunately that’s just a taste of humanities future brought to you by climate change. The truth is that Read More

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Hoverboard Is The Next Evolution in Personal Electric Mobility

Back to the Future may have promised us hover boards in 2015 but that technology just isn’t ready for prime time. Luckily there’s a new kind of skateboard which will let you Read More

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Peace, An Ad-Blocking App, Tops App Store Charts

You may not know it yet but one of the least talked about features of iOS 9 is its support for third-party ad-blockers. Think AdBlock Plus/Pro but for your mobile phone. Well Read More

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Knut Will Monitor Your Leaky Pipes

All too often we take the convenience of indoor plumbing for granted. It’s really only when those pipes and appliances start getting leaky and require changing that we realize the potentially destructive Read More

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Talon Is The World’s First Smart Ring Gaming Controller

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control your games with just the flick of a finger? Innovative motion controlling technologies like the Microsoft Kinect brought us so close, but it seems Read More

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Meet Wilson’s Smart Connected Basketball

Sports balls haven’t really evolved a whole lot in the last century or so. That being said if you’re a person who shoots hoops casually,  you should start getting ready because that Read More

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Not Into Minecraft? Perhaps Dragon Quest Builders Is More Your Thing

Never been into Minecraft? You might want to give Dragon Quest Builders a shot. While it’ll be immediately familiar to even the most seasoned of Minecraft players, the gorgeous graphics and intuitive Read More

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Microsoft Band 2 Is Finally Fashionable

Microsoft’s original fitness tracking band was a breakthrough for the Redmond-based company. That being said, it wasn’t exactly “fashionable”. Now Microsoft is pushing forward and improving the aesthetic value of their fitness Read More

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