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Mansory Zapico

Ferrari World (Theme Park)

IKKUT Touch Podium: For Work, Play, And Assorted Awesomeness

If you own a business, or you’re just attracted to large touch screen objects, then you’ll want to give the IKKUT Kickstarter project a look. All you need for operating it is your computer and a projector. From there, you’ll be able to interact with a 40-inch touchscreen, which is great for displaying info to customers or making business presentations. But don’t be limited. You can also use it for play time. A bit more on how here: Prices for the IKKUT Touch Podium variations start at $1,199 and go up from there. Now the pic above is only a partial. Read More

Edyn: Your Key To The Connected Garden

The Edyn garden system monitors and tracks soil conditions and compares them to up-to-the-minute meteorological data so you will know the best conditions to create and actions to take for the life of your garden. The Edyn App displays this data as a real-time snapshot of your garden, and pushes alerts and suggestions to maximize plant health. A separate component, the Edyn Water Valve, uses the data collected by the sensor to smartly control your existing watering system, watering your plants only when needed. With advanced tracking technology and intuitive design, the Edyn smart garden system promises to keep you Read More

NightSUP For the Nighttime Paddle Board Enthusiast

If you’ve never given the recreational sport of paddle boarding a try, you may not want to start at night. At least, not without NightSUP in your corner. These custom paddle boards bring the magic of modern LED lighting to the water, so you can have a bright path as you indulge your inner water sport addiction. NightSUP sells their custom boards in one of two ways. By far the cheapest, is the kit, which starts at the price of $499. New complete boards are available starting at $1,695 plus shipping and handling. (Better get in touch with your inner Read More

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SYNEK Will Bring Any Beer Ever Made Fresh To Your Counter

SYNEK may have just forever dropped the price of beer and put you in an early but happy grave doing it. That’s because with its expertly crafted bag and kegerator functionality, it allows you to bring any beer that you want to your countertop. Here’s how it works: simply fill the specially designed bags with your choice of craft beer — over 700 are participating at this time — place it in the temp-controlled SYNEK, and then let nature do the rest. Unlike with growlers that go flat after just two days, the SYNEK bags will last you for 30 Read More

JetBoil FlashJava Kit

The JetBoil FlashJava kit is a must-have for any of you who like your coffee out in the wild (presumably everyone). Seriously, why should you have to wait a year for a nice hot cup just because you want to take advantage of the great outdoors and do a little camping? With this nifty gear, you can brew up some awesome sauce in a flash. Contents of the package include a 1.0 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating koozie, featuring a Flash color-change heat indicator. Therse’s also an adjustable burner with push-button igniter, a drink-through lid and insulating bottom cover/measuring cup, and a tripod Read More

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FlyPedals Bring Comfort, Performance To Cyclists Regardless Of Footwear

FlyPedals are an innovative new find for cyclists. These bike pedal add-ons will adapt to every clipless bicycle pedal to allow for an easy transition between riding and lifestyle. Light, strong, and sleek, they will ensure a smooth ride no matter what type of footwear you have on — sandals, flip flops, street shoes, anything. Dan Lucchesi and Bryan Gardner are the guys behind it, and they’ve currently got a Kickstarter going, but if you’re concerned about them hitting the funding goal, don’t be. They were seeking $12k, and have already passed the $43k mark with four days left to Read More

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Top 31 Cars Under $100,000

Finding high performance cars for under $100,000 is no easy task, but that’s no longer an issue because we’ve done the hard work for you. Looking back over the past year we’ve compiled a list of rides that would definitely be in the garage if we were Jay Leno on a budget. So fasten your seat-belts, friends, and take a ride with us in the Top 31 Cars Under $100,000. Let’s get started!

OneBowl: Cook, Strain, Eat, Store, Repeat

OneBowl is the ultimate hardware for taking your lunch to the office. Not only will it store your food while you get your work-on, it also features a strainer and is both dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can nuke it as many times as you want and cleanup will always be a cinch. With OneBowl, clean fruit, soft and consistent noodles, oatmeal, cereal, macaroni and cheese — all of those foods that are almost impossible to get right in a break room become easy to prep and prep well. Get yours now through Kickstarter for just $20. Throw in another Read More