Moleskine Passions Wine Journal

Moleskine Passions Wine Journal

If there’s one thing that separates the casual wine drinker from the wine aficionados, it’s the attention to details. For those who truly understand how to appreciate a fine wine, Moleskine has created a handy wine journal.

The first thing you’ll notice when picking up the Moleskine Passions Wine Journal is that the cover is stylishly embossed with a wine bottle and a set of glasses. Inside you’ll find plenty of resources such as a glossary, measures and conversions. Three ribbon place markers allow you to bookmark favorite sections, the double expandable inner pocket is great for storing notes and clippings, and the elastic band helps keep the journal closed. Included are six themed sections (Sparkling, White, Rose, Red, Fortified/Sweet, and Spirits) and six personalized tabs to customize as you see fit.

Not into wine? Choose your passion from other journals in the Moleskin lineup such as recipes, books, films, music, wellness, travel, style, gardening, babies, dogs and cats.

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