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By Michael Bock on March 12, 2011

From veteran science and medical journalist Brandon Broll comes Microcosmos: Discovering The World Through Microscopic Images From 20 X to Over 22 Million X Magnification—a book that whisks its reader into an entirely new dimension via ultra magnification. Out-of-this-world, some never-before-seen images in the book include ones from the fields of:

  • The zoological world
  • The human body
  • Technology
  • Minerals and nutrients
  • Botany
  • Microorganisms, insects, and more!

Microcosmos is a phenomenal journey from everyday life to the rarely seen (and rarely even recognized) microscopic realm. From up-close-and-very-personal images of insects, to tiny organisms living among plankton, to amazing macros of human cells and pathogens, to one-celled organisms (i.e. Paradoxus Protozoan), and to electronic/computer components—virtually anyone with an interest in photography, microbiology, medicine or in the vast field of science itself will find this book a real gem.

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