The Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica

Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145 Helicopter

For $1,000, You Could Have Free Beer The Rest Of Your Life

iGlo Pulse Lights It Up To The Beat

One thing we’ve really developed a love affair for around her are headphones. The more versions of this classic audio apparatus the better! Today we’ve got the iGlo Pulse, a set of light-up headphones that will actually pulsate to the beat of the music. Just plug it into your phone or MP3 player, press the sync button and watch the luminescent lights glow to pulse. If you get a phone call while in the middle of a jam, you can just hit a button on the headphones themselves and, boom, instant pause so you can take that call. When done, Read More

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$30 Buy

Lono App Sprinkler Control

The benefits of the Lono App sprinkler control system can be broken down simply into three key categories: 1) Scheduling. They can save you all sorts of running back and forth time from the garage to the lawn and back to the garage by allowing you to schedule the times when the sprinklers start and stop, all from the comforts of your smartphone and wireless Internet connection. 2) The smartphone app allows you to control the distribution of water more easily, so no more dry spots! Finally, it allows you to make quick adjustments to accommodate your lifestyle. Want to Read More

IRobot Ava 500

The iRobot Ava 500 may not be altogether affordable yet, but it certainly represents the future of employment — or at least the future of how employment SHOULD be. There is no greater dream in life than to have a career where you don’t have to wear pants, and with this contraption you can pretty much donate every last pair you own to Goodwill. You’re not gonna need ‘em. The rolling base allows you to take the office with you to whichever part of the house you prefer. The 21-inch HD monitor and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to check in, Read More

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$2500 Buy

Leatherman Style PS Multitool

The Leatherman Style PS Multitool is a keychain-compatible device that you’ll probably find use for every day of your life. It contains eight guy-friendly functions in one, including pliers, scissors, screwdriver (flat-head, Phillips crossover), file, a pair of tweezers, and a bottle opener. The body is stainless steel and spring-loaded for a compact heft that adds to the device’s allure. Everything save for the pliers can be accessed from the outside without actually opening the device. (Very cool if you ask us.) We’ve even heard that this is one of the few multitools capable of passing a TSA inspection, though Read More

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$17 Buy

ITypewriter iPad Stand

From designer Austin Yang, the iTypewriter iPad Stand is one of the cooler accessories to go with Apple’s groundbreaking tablet. This goes beyond recreating the look of a typewriter. It also has its functionality. By setting the iPad in the cradle in landscape mode and pulling up the touchscreen keyboard, you can start hammering away at the keys, causing the arms to find the corresponding letter on the touchscreen thus activating an onscreen response. And since Apple makes their devices do that clickety clack thing anyway (at least when the sound is on), you can recreate the experience of a Read More

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Stealth Playing Cards by AK Graphx

Next time you think, “All the great ideas are taken,” consider the Stealth Playing Cards by AK Graphx, which takes a concept that you can do very little with – playing cards – and somehow makes it cool again. The cards look like they’re made of gun metal until you pause for a closer look. They are very much foldable and easily shuffled, thanks to the silk-coated paper from which each of the 54 cards are crafted – including two Jokers – and a metallic foil stamp adds imagery that just really pops out of your hands. AK Graphx modeled Read More

Westvleteren XII

Leave it to the monks at St Sixus Abbey to deliver a brew that has been voted on multiple occasions as the best in the world. As the proud folks at Westvleteren will tell you, Beer Advocate, Beer Pal, and Rate Beer are all in agreement that what’s happening out at the Westvleteren Brewery has resulted in the best beer, bar-none. Each of Westvleteren’s creations are what you would call Belgian Trappist Ale, taking their cue from the creations of the Trappist order in La Trappe, France. Founded in 1838, the Abbey has been producing its most popular label – Westvleteren Read More

Hirobo HX 1 Personal Helicopter

Ever sat around thinking to yourself, “Sure could use a personal mini-copter for getting around in?” If you’re over the age of 15, then the answer is likely no. However, that’s not stopping remote control copter manufacturer Hirobo from giving it the ol’ college try. In 2013 the company plans on staging its first test flight of the device, which is all-electric – let’s hope there are no battery issues in-flight – and the goal is to roll it out to consumers by 2021. Hopefully by then it will be able to travel further than 30 minutes before needing a Read More

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