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Terrex Swift Solo Shoes

Terrex Swift Solo shoes boast open mesh and synthetic upper materials for a breathable that offers durable comfort in the outdoors. The toe cap up front is high traction providing all the grip you need for getting around. On the bottom,the TRAXION outsole clutches slick surfaces, ensuring a sure-footed step at all times. If you want lightweight, these have it at about 11.5 ounces per shoe, adding no more than one pound, seven ounces to your overall weight. The comfortable mesh lining brings it home whether you’re in a sock or not. It’s about as close as you can get Read More

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Head Speed Pro III Tennis Shoes

The Head Speed Pro III Tennis Shoes are striking reminders that the gods of summer are upon us, and the time to go gazing at girls in tennis skirts playing game/set/match at the courts will be here any day. (Already is here for some of you.) While you probably know Head for their tennis equipment mainly, they’ve made a strong statement about belonging in the world of footwear with this shoe. While the stability could use a little work, heel support is unbelievable, and the shoes bring a light enough weight and comfort level that you can wear them for Read More

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Cleatskins Premiere Cleats give you a chance to turn those notorious floor damagers into a normal pair of shoes. All you have to do is slide them on for any setting where you don’t have to kick a soccer ball, steal second base, or sack the quarterback, and you’re good to go. Parents, rejoice at not having to have your floors replaced every time a thoughtless teenager stomps around your hard wood while still wearing their spikes. (All you’ll have to do is actually remind them to wear these.) Rubber material is stretchable and comes in a variety of colors Read More

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Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike Blast 3 Mid Baseball Cleat

Hit the ball and touch ‘em all. You’ll be able to do just that with this pair of Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike Blast 3 Mid Baseball Cleats. These babies have a synthetic sole with nine spikes and aggressive studs to help you dig in deeply for ultimate traction around the bases. Durable body construction featuring stiff overlays help to stabilize the foot through extra strenuous activity, especially when it comes to ankle support. Best of all the full-length contoured and molded EVA footbed and multi-zone flex points grant the ultimate in comfort and movement for all nine innings of play. Whether Read More

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Nike Air Force 1 High Black Gold

If gladiators wore Nikes, they would have probably looked like this. The Nike Air Force 1 High Black Gold is a marvel of flash and function. The design is sleek, menacing, and powerful, but nothing rocks like the comfort features that are packed in to this pair. Boasting a full-length air cushion along the sole, expert binding, and a look that is both athletic and sophisticated all in one, you’ll want to wear these on the court and the street. Nike Air Force 1 High Black Gold is available in more than one country. For US customers, the sizes to Read More

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Shimano Men’s Road Sport Cycling Shoes

Shimano Men’s Road Sport Cycling Shoes are designed for the hardcore biking enthusiast, and no, we don’t mean Harleys, though there’s little reason why you couldn’t use them for that, too. Comprised of synthetic and mesh that is tough, stretch-resistant, lightweight, and completely breathable, the SH-R077 features a glass fiber reinforced sole and triple asymmetrical straps to protect and stabilize the foot. Aside from that, there is a sleek quicksilver design pattern that’ll look great whether you’re on a weekend bike excursion or actually engaged in competition. The only caveat is they run a little smaller than you’re probably used Read More

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Nike Free Trainer 3.0

With the Nike Free Trainer 3.0, the legendary shoe company has put a big foot forward in men’s athletics. Aside from featuring a sleek and powerful black and blue color combo, the design joins other shoes with lightweight support in allowing wearers to be as fast as possible. The upper part is comprised of a Kurim composite material that is also flexible and cushioned for those needing to work on their agility, and the outsole features multidirectional support and traction to help you elevate performance. A bit of overkill perhaps if you are total desk jockey, but if you plan Read More

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CROSSKIX Hybrid Footwear

Never been a big fan of the foam composite shoe, but that was mainly due to it clown shoe-looking designs that convinced me I had the foot of an idiot. Not the case with CROSSKIX Hybrid Footwear. In much the same manner that car companies are finally starting to produce fuel-efficient cars that don’t look like they were designed by the nerdiest kid in school, the makers of CROSSKIX have thrown a cool-looking design into the genetics of foam composite, finally giving the style of footwear a look it can be proud of. Now the image conscience can discover what Read More

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