Digitsole’s Smartshoes Are The World’s Most Advanced Shoes

The big footwear story of 2015 was all about Nike’s Back to the Future self-lacing MAGs, but a new ‘smart shoe’ is making the technology behind shoe seem like child’s play. Debuting Read More

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Is Adidas’ 3D Printed Recycled Sneaker The Future?

In light of the COP 21 agreements that were held in Paris this year, it seems abundantly clear that the fate of the world hangs in the balance as temperatures shoot up Read More

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Shiftwear Wants You To Own A Single Pair Of Sneakers

Sneakerheads rejoice! Your days of buying dozens upon dozens of different sneakers just to have the coolest design or art is soon coming to an end. You see, thanks to ShiftWear’s new Read More

#FreeYourFeet Will Unlock Your Feet’s Full Potential

Sponsored Post You probably haven’t thought about this a whole lot but you have toes (and not hooves) for a reason. Those fleshy appendages at the end of your feet actually help Read More

Nike Develops New Zipper-Based Shoe Tying System

Nike is undoubtedly the world’s most innovative sneaker company. From their Air Jordans to their self-lacing Nike MAGs, there’s no doubt that the company invests more into R&D than its rivals do. Read More

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Shift Sneakers Are The Future Of Footwear

What’s the future of clothing? Being able to change color or design on the fly. That’s exactly what UK +rehabstudio is looking to make possible today with their Shift Sneaker which uses Read More

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Look Taller And More Confident With Tallboy Shoes

Want to be more confident? Make more money? According to numerous scientific studies, adding a couple of inches to your height can help you make more money (around $789 per year) due Read More

The Turning Shoe eDrive Plus Is The Ultimate Sport Shoe

If you play golf, baseball, soccer, or just jog then the Turning Shoe eDrive Plus is for you. As you can probably tell by the longish name, this isn’t just any shoe. Read More

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