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ZeroGrand From COLE HAAN

ZeroGrand from COLE HAAN is a gorgeous new line of shoes featuring a lightweight body, fewer seams, and freeing mobility. With a heft of just 290 grams, these shoes offer a comfort normally reserved for long-distance runners, and move with graceful flexibility every step of the way. Body-wise, you can get two different types of shoe in the ZeroGrand line — the stitchless and the suede. There are eight different body styles, and we’ve always been bigger suede fans ourselves, but for that, you’ll need to pony up a little extra dough ($268 instead of the stitchless $248). Either way, Read More

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Marcosi Custom Color Leather Shoes And Accessories

If you’ve ever actually said/sang the words, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man” (and believed it), then you will want to give careful consideration to the newest Indiegogo campaign from Marcosi. The company has taken up the charge to produce high-quality, custom color leather shoes and accessories for the snazzy dresser in us all. Of course, quality always comes at a price, and these hoof protectors are no exception. Luckily, as an incentive to donate, Marcosi is running a pair of their custom leathers for just $295, which is a discount of around $130 from what they will retail Read More

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Hydrogen-1 Crossover Men’s Sneakers

Are you enslaved by the dreaded dress codes of Corporate Wherever-You-Are? Up until now, there’s been pretty much nothing you could do about it. Luckily, Hydrogen-1 Crossover Men’s Sneakers are here to ensure that your feet get the very best treatment possible while on the job. These look like high quality footwear in a casual and dress vein, but they feel like something you wouldn’t mind for knocking around town. Creator Hero Nakatani has delivered a comfy-soled piece of footwear with a wide variety of designs on the upper that’ll make you think you’re wearing your favorite pair of Nikes Read More

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Alden #8 Parajumper Boots

Ever saw a shoe that was so nice and luxurious that you couldn’t ever bring yourself to wear it? If so, then chances are good that it probably looked something like the Alden #8 Parajumper Boots from Frans Boone. We’re serious, kids. These things look like they belong on the feet of a superhero. What sets the Alden #8 Parajumper Boots apart from most footwear is the brown leather interior, the glitzy cordovan coloring which carries a rich, deep scarlet throughout the body of the shoe, and heavy duty sole and stitching that guarantees these are not coming apart. All Read More

SOPHNET and Tricker’s Wing Tip Boots

Everything old is new again with these Wing Tip Boots from the legendary Tricker’s and SOPHNET. These updates from the legendary brogue look combine punched pebbled leather with smooth calf leather accents and a sturdy sole for a one-of-a-kind look that is almost too rich to wear. But while you may be tempted to put these up on the shelf as decorations, be aware that they also have Dainite soles and a slick-looking side-zip you won’t even notice that make getting in and out of them and walking around a pure pleasure-cruise experience. The shoe also features laces of rolled Read More

Acne Musil Cognac

Acne Musil Cognac boots incorporate the look of the classic Chelsea boot into a shiny new package thanks to the distinction between its 100 percent calf leather makeup and the tonal elastic on the sides. Throw in a classy ribbed, grosgrain look along the center back and a heavy duty rubber sole, and you’ve got a dress boot that has the comfort and stability of one that was built for performance. Available in European whole sizes 40 (U.S. Size 7) to 45 (U.S. Size 12) and an extra color (black) that brings with it a striking aqua-blue side-ticking which causes Read More

Klein Cognac Leather Shoes

Too often, leather shoes skew into the realms of formality. When you find the right mix, it’s like a giant burden has been lifted from your wardrobe. Being able to use them in both settings is basically like getting two pair of shoes for the price of one. Klein Cognac Leather Shoes make liberal use of rich cognac leather for the outer part of the shoe while resting on a slight outsole that blends nicely with the color scheme and offers a balance of comfort and versatility. This combination mixes well in both casual and formal situations, which is something Read More

Cole Haan Cooper Square Wingtip Reflective

If you invest heavily in footwear then you should expect a few things. You should want the shoe to function in more than just the passing formal situation. You should be able to look nice without “overdoing” it in your everyday outings. You should be able to get a long lifespan without the shoe coming apart on you and without the shoestrings snapping off in your hands. When Cole Haan makes a shoe, they really put everything into it, both stylistically and functionally. The Cooper Square Wingtip Reflective looks as classy at Aunt Martha’s funeral as it does at the Read More

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