These Light Up Shoes Are The Flyest Kicks We’ve Seen In A While

Remember L.A Gear’s light-up kids shoes? If you’re a child of the 80s and early 90s then you probably remember how much of a status symbol they were in playgrounds and classrooms Read More

Nike Develops New Zipper-Based Shoe Tying System

Nike is undoubtedly the world’s most innovative sneaker company. From their Air Jordans to their self-lacing Nike MAGs, there’s no doubt that the company invests more into R&D than its rivals do. Read More

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Look Taller And More Confident With Tallboy Shoes

Want to be more confident? Make more money? According to numerous scientific studies, adding a couple of inches to your height can help you make more money (around $789 per year) due Read More

Become The Best Runner You Can Be With ENKO

Are you a runner? If so then listen up: ENKO just designed the best running shoes the world has probably ever seen. Providing more running power and comfort, ENKO actually keeps all Read More

Back To The Future’s Self Lacing Nike Air Mag Shoes Available In 2015

Remember how the second Back To The Future film took place in 2015? Well, we’re here now and we still don’t have the film’s iconic self-lacing Nike Air Mag sneakers. Nike is Read More

Pikkpack Lets You Make Your Own Shoe Without The Hassle

Pikkpack wants to be your first flat-packed premium leather shoe, and with a little more help, it can be. The Kickstarter project is very close to hitting its target goal, but it Read More

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Danner x Ball and Buck Boot

Danner x Ball and Buck boot is a stunning collaboration of durability and design from two companies that know a thing or two about what it means to be rugged. This boot Read More

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Piola Avant-Garde Sneakers

Piola Footwear uses a unique blend of colors, meticulous finishing touches, and organic materials consisting of wild Amazonian rubber along with cotton and alpaca fur, all brought together with the very best Read More

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