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Pikkpack Lets You Make Your Own Shoe Without The Hassle

Pikkpack wants to be your first flat-packed premium leather shoe, and with a little more help, it can be. The Kickstarter project is very close to hitting its target goal, but it still has five days and about $2,000 to go. We’d like to see this become a reality because it speaks to our DIY intuition without leaving us completely on our own. The shoe is made from premium leather and laces. It comes half-assembled in the color and style of your choosing. All you have to do is take about an hour to finish putting it together. This allows Read More

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Danner x Ball and Buck Boot

Danner x Ball and Buck boot is a stunning collaboration of durability and design from two companies that know a thing or two about what it means to be rugged. This boot is a modern rendition of the iconic Danner light, and it exemplifies the best of American craftsmanship with more than 80 years of history behind it as well as the support of Mark Bollman’s B&B brand. The body features Buck’s signature 10-ounce camouflage flanks at the sides and a subtle blaze orange stitching kissing heel. Antique brass hardware adds a rugged touch while Gumlite soles by Vibram make Read More

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Piola Avant-Garde Sneakers

Piola Footwear uses a unique blend of colors, meticulous finishing touches, and organic materials consisting of wild Amazonian rubber along with cotton and alpaca fur, all brought together with the very best European production techniques. For the forthcoming collection, Piola has developed this “capsule collection,” represented in the above image, with the aid of designer Eugène Riconneaus. Best of all, when you buy a pair of Piolas, you’re not just getting a sweet product, you’re also getting an opportunity to give back to economic and humanitarian help in Peru. So, a comfortable shoe and a reason to pat yourself on Read More

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Mass Effect N7 Sneakers

Mass Effect N7 Sneakers allow you to take one of the greatest video game adventures of all time with you into the real world. With a cool black, red, and white, color pattern, shaved suede, glossy mesh, and perforated leather, this is a high quality piece of footwear that goes well beyond tribute. It’s a solid shoe. Even so, it does come with a number of tributes to the game franchise: the tongue bears the Spectre’s mark; the N7 logo displays on the quarter and heel tab; the Paragon and Renegade logos are emblazoned on the sock liners. All this in a comfortable package Read More

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Bokos Men’s Sandal

BokosUSA is a sandals manufacturer that makes product for both men and women, but for our purposes, we’ll just focus on the guys. What you get in the Bokos Men’s Sandal is a rugged, minimalist shoe that allows maximum breathability, a surprising amount of mobility (considering there is no ankle support, and a color palette that screams manhood. With summer quickly encroaching, you’re going to need a pair of sandals that can hold up to the beating your feet will give them as you rush to each of your obligations in the 115-degree heat. Colors that are available include the Read More

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Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Sail LE Boat Shoe

Summer is fast approaching, and before you know it, you’ll be dying to get out on that boat and sail the open seas. Whether or not you have one available to you, you’ll want to slide on this pair of Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Sail LE Boat Shoes. Made from a rich leather with a synthetic sole, this shoe has a look and feel like what you would expect from the sailing season. But you don’t have to be out on the water to maximize wear time and these have a natural color combo that’ll go with most any Read More

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CROSSKIX Hybrid Footwear

Never been a big fan of the foam composite shoe, but that was mainly due to it clown shoe-looking designs that convinced me I had the foot of an idiot. Not the case with CROSSKIX Hybrid Footwear. In much the same manner that car companies are finally starting to produce fuel-efficient cars that don’t look like they were designed by the nerdiest kid in school, the makers of CROSSKIX have thrown a cool-looking design into the genetics of foam composite, finally giving the style of footwear a look it can be proud of. Now the image conscience can discover what Read More

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Hydrogen-1 Crossover Men’s Sneakers

Are you enslaved by the dreaded dress codes of Corporate Wherever-You-Are? Up until now, there’s been pretty much nothing you could do about it. Luckily, Hydrogen-1 Crossover Men’s Sneakers are here to ensure that your feet get the very best treatment possible while on the job. These look like high quality footwear in a casual and dress vein, but they feel like something you wouldn’t mind for knocking around town. Creator Hero Nakatani has delivered a comfy-soled piece of footwear with a wide variety of designs on the upper that’ll make you think you’re wearing your favorite pair of Nikes Read More

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