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Netatmo June: A Gemstone That Could Prevent Skin Cancer

We’re not done with Turn Yourself Into a Machine week, and this entry shows how elegant one can be while doing so. June, from Netatmo, is a diamond-shaped stone that can be worn as a brooch or on a bracelet.  While you’re getting your tennis swing just right, getting analysis on your teeth brushing, or having a bracelet do everything for you, ya may as well add another way of taking the guesswork out of life with the Netatmo. The project for the June is telling you how much in the way of UV rays you’re being exposed to.  It Read More

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Levels Solar Backpack

The Levels Solar Backpack not only carries all your devices but charges them too. A 4.5-watt, black matte-finished solar panel maximizes energy absorption from the sun for conversion into an electrical current. With it, you can extend the recording time of your GoPro battery while you’re sitting on the chairlift, charge your tablet while you’re lying on the beach, and give your smartphone more juice while you’re hiking. The Levels Solar Backpack can add 18.75 percent power to most smartphones with just one hour of sunlight. Inside, you get an adjustable sleeve to hold your water bottle and a padded sleeve Read More

You Need A Yes Man

There are a plethora of wristwatches on the market — even a significant amount on Kickstarter, where we found Yes Man — but few of them hit their funding goals as quickly as this one almost has. (Still 30 days left in the cycle, and just $2,300 to go!) Part of what makes Yes Man stand out is its innovative strap design. Like many watches, the company uses leather for an elegant look, but they’ve forgone the traditional hole fasteners for a series of slots that reduce wear and tear and offer the perfect fit no matter what your wrist Read More

Kolibree Smart Brush

This is Smart Week at inStash, when we discuss how to not do anything without having a blue tooth device analyzing how you’ve done it.  If you’ve ever thought maybe you were brushing some of your teeth better than others, wrap your fist around the Kolibree Smart Brush. This battery-powered toothbrush runs, of course, in conjunction with an app, and displays its analysis of your brushing progress on your phone.  As though it were a smart tennis racket, the gadget compiles brushing stats, with which you can impress your dentist. The Kolibree is bluetooth 3.0 compatible and works with IOS Read More

RingSafe Will Keep You Out Of The Marital Ringer

Any man who does a lot of work with his hands — either professionally or as a hobbyist — probably knows the sickening feeling of losing a wedding band. Unmarried? Just wait, you will. Unless… Meet RingSafe. This is a simple solution for keeping your ring in a place where you’re sure to find it, thus keeping your rear out of the doghouse when you come home from the gym or work or <insert high octane activity here>. Just slap your ring inside of this, and hook it to a keychain or wear it around your neck. Either way, you’ll Read More

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IGrow Helmet

In a classic episode of Seinfeld, George Costanza sends off for a hair restoration treatment — the Chinese cure for baldness — and begins putting himself through a series of incidents in which he puts it on and takes it off before Elaine can see it. George is ashamed of how the foam looks on his noggin, and so he conceals it. Well, the iGrow Helmet may look as ridiculous as George felt, but there is nothing-at-all silly about what it does. Using laser technology, the helmet livens up your existing buds and stimulates the growth for a thicker head Read More

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Pebble Steel: The EInk Smartwatch Gets An Upgrade

Pebble makes a fine looking watch, of that there’s no doubt. When the initial product launched via Kickstarter and managed to rack up seven figures before its closing date, it was only a matter of time before the company started planning the followup. Well, this being CES 2014 week, what better time than the present to debut the Pebble Steel. The screen is smaller, but the elegant eInk screen is still there along with a metal body that makes this thing look a lot more watch-like. On the sides there is a metal connector and tactile metal buttons to add Read More

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InSoul Dress Sneakers

These are pretty sharp.  You can tell they’re made by a consummate sneaker lover.  Sean O’Shea’s vision was to allow the adult to keep a little sneaker in his soul while paying the bills with a serious job.  The InSoul line of dress sneakers has already gotten big interest from retailers.  What InSoul needs is production capital to turn these prototypes into a full line. The shoe comes in three colors and in either high or lowtop. To my eye, the Artifact Low Brown is the star, but they’re all class acts. Aiming for the quality of an Italian Dress Read More