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5 Most Unexpectedly Awesome Beard Caps

It’s friggin’ cold outside, and that means the time for warmer dress is upon us. And every guy needs an awesome beard cap to get the job done. Doesn’t matter if you can grow a full beard on your own, or if it takes you a week to get five o’clock shadow. Here are the five most unexpectedly awesome caps of the year. Knight Of The Round Table The best thing we can describe this one is that it looks like you’re an escapee from King Arthur’s court. Nice silver fox style and an almost chainmail-like appearance. Link here. Cost: Read More

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Go On A Pocket Diet With The ZerOz Minimalist Wallet

Confession time: my wallet is horribly obese. Unfortunately, it isn’t overstuffed with cash. No, no, no. More like business cards, 40 coffee rewards cards, each with one stamp each, and then the license/social/health insurance jazz. (No cash.) Well, this week I had the opportunity to go on a pocket diet with the ZerOz Minimalist Wallet. The company sent me two ultra lightweight versions to try out: the IPA and the Sedona. Preferring a richer brown color to the flashier brightness of the Sedona, I went with the IPA, though it’s worth noting here that in terms of function and quality, Read More

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Artya Son Of Sound: A Watch That Truly Rocks

You don’t have to rock to wear a watch that does. The ArtyA Son of Sound features the first watch case shaped like a guitar. On the case glass, it features metal designs resembling two violin-style “F” holes (like jazz guitars have) and four strings. The case is pointed at the top and bottom and curves inward on the sides, each of which has two adjustment crowns resembling a guitar’s tuning knobs. The 42-mm-wide case made of either steel, PVD black steel, titanium, or 18-karat Rose gold maintains a clean look beneath its glass. It has an hour- and minute-hand, Read More

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Men’s Iron Barn Nail Urban Cuff

Russell Brand would probably wear it. This Steampunk-gone-backwoods urban cuff manages to create classic style with a flair. Designed by the renowned Anvils & Alchemy shop on Etsy, this accessory features a hand-forged antique barn nail on an up-cycled leather belt. As of this writing, artist Angie Lawlar is offering 15 of these hand-crafted pieces. Although the type of leather is the same, its color varies a bit from cuff to cuff since Lawlar does not have a single source for it. This, however, makes each piece truly unique. The band varies in width from 1/2-2 inches, and the 4-inch Read More

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Improve Your Handicap With Heaven Golf Shoes

Remember that sequence from Caddyshack in which Rodney Dangerfield’s character has a putter with a little scope that says, “no, no, yes” as he lined up his putt?  Well, Heaven golf shoes are the footwear version of that, giving you feedback as to balance and assuring that your feet do their part of the thing flawlessly. The key is the TPU sole with its removable spikes.  The arc of the sole and the Dynamic Balance Technology cause you to sense the correct position for optimum balance and to settle into it.  Also, the elevation lifts you up over troublesome mud and high Read More

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Park Place Snap Front Down Jacket

Dan Tiegs, owner of the Wild Outdoor Apparel line, says, “if you put ‘wild’ in front of anything, it makes it better.”  It’s true–my wild oil change this morning was awesome! The Park Place snap front down jacket is part of the Wild line, a stately-looking piece that is just as stylish as it is rugged.  One thing about Tiegs and his WOA line: he isn’t going to try to sell you some sort of just-coat coat. It’s not about sewing together some fabric. No, these babies are engineered. Obviously, inStashers love technical specs: the Park Place delivers with 700-fill down, a Read More

Articulate Wallet 2.0 Fights The RFID Boogeyman

RFID, which stands for either Really Freakin’ Annoying, Dude or Radio Frequency Identification, is the technology that causes everyone who walks in or out of large chain stores to set off beepers for no reason and then just keep walking. Because credit cards have RFID strips in them, they’re vulnerable to having their info swiped for identity theft purposes.  This means that RFID blocking wallets were a nearly inevitable response.  A couple of entrepreneurs came out with the Articulate Wallet a few years back and began seeking funding via Kickstarter, etc.  Now, they unveil the 2.0 version. In addition to Read More

Rolo: This Suitcase Update Was A Long Time Coming

The old way of packing for a trip was not very convenient. You stuff your clothes into a bag or suitcase — sometimes multiple bags and suitcases — and then you have to basically take everything out just to find the clothing selections and toiletry items that you need. Not very conducive to living life on the go, is it? Now with Rolo, you can ditch the old ways and instead opt for an innovative design that helps you get more out of your packing experience. Rolo is a suitcase that rolls up and doesn’t require you to unpack your Read More