Tech Tats May Be The Next Big Thing In Wearables

Tattoo. The very word means widely different things to different people. For some, it’s a means of self expression and for the more judgmental amongst us they’re just a signal that someone Read More

Hero Hoodie Is The Hoodie Hotness

Let’s face it, your old ratty hoodie isn’t scoring you any style points here. In fact, it’s making you look a whole lot less like Mark Zuckerberg and a whole lot more Read More

Jimmy Fallon Reinvents The Pocket Square With Pocket Dial

Little known fact: in addition to being a successful late night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon is an inventor. His latest (and first public) creation is being dubbed ‘Pocket Dial’ and it’s Read More

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The Miller-Baker Pink Hoodie Will Actually Calm You Down

Need to calm down? Research suggests that a certain shade of pink could do the trick. While scientists don’t know much about why Pepto-Bismol pink has such a calming effect, the folks Read More

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Adidas’ Futurecraft Superstar Sneakers Are Made Of Unibody Leather

Move aside Sambas, Adidas has a new hot shoe which is likely to become their new iconic new product. Meet the Adidas Futurecraft Superstar Sneaker, shoes which looks a whole lot like Read More

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Want To Stand Out? Do So With WU-LE Ties!

Ties haven’t changed a whole lot over the past century. Sure, they’ve gotten louder and and more ironic but they’re still made out of the same material and increasingly make you look Read More

Check Out This Ultra Slim Fashionable Wallet

Shouldn’t your fashion accessories be as unique as you are? The folks behind the Frenchie Wallet sure seem to think so. That’s why they’ve crafted the leather they use on their wallets Read More

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Take Care Of Your Facial Hair With Beard Buddy

Whether you’re a beard newbie (perhaps for Movember/No shave November?) or experienced facial hair veteran, you could probably use some Beard Buddy Beard Wash. After all, the secret to lush and healthy Read More

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