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Wear The Glory Days Of Football With Junk Food NFL Tees

If you sit down and ask your grandpa he’ll be able to tell of a crazy time back in the black-and-white TV days, the pre fantasy football days, when the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins were brand new franchises, when there was no so such thing as the Seattle Seahawks, much less the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The NFL as we know it today was assembled very slowly, with additions of teams over decades, plus the merger with the AFL. Junk Food brand T-shirts pay homage to the history of your favorite NFL franchise by offering old looking tees with the year Read More

10 Most Miser-Friendly Minimalist Wallets Of 2013

You’re not stupid. No one has to tell you that the holidays are upon us, so we’ll just skip right over that jazz and tell you that if you’re planning on picking up a new wallet for either yourself or the guy on your shopping list, minimalism is the way to go. You’ll find no shortage of great designs on the market this shopping season, though you’ll find that you may have to hit up Kickstarter or IndieGogo for some of the most innovative. We’ve broken it down for you and picked the 10 most miser-friendly minimalist wallets of 2013 Read More

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Nubag: We Can’t Believe It’s An Actual Product

All right, kids, we’re going to try to keep this as safe-for-work as possible, so bear with us. Ever been out on a date with someone that you’re about to get physical with when you realize that you could use some, uh, freshening up in the pants area? Most of us keep pretty good maintenance in the beginning, but the further you move into a relationship, you never know when the moment will be right and when it is, it’s not always at the most opportune time. (Morning, anyone?) Well, that’s where Nubag Male Freshening Spray comes in handy. This Read More

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DNA-Me Bracelet

Today in “because I can,” we introduce the DNAME (DNA me) bracelet which allows you wear your DNA sequence on a sleek bracelet.  Forty or 50 years from now, an object bearing your DNA code will probably amount to a Playing God Swiss Army Knife, allowing you (or the thugs who corner you in an alley) to wreak untold horrors with your genetic info, but for now it seems to exist as a “be the only one on your block” kind of thing. If you’re saying, “well, I don’t know my DNA sequence,” that’s where the company — still in Kickstarter Read More

Six-Dollar T-Shirts Honor Movie And TV Awesomeness

If people don’t know the same things I know, I do not like them.  I need people to get the references I get.  If you’re like me, has the material for a devilishly-effective personality test.  Among t-shirts on many themes, 6 Dollar offers t-shirts that promote made-up entities from movies and TV shows.  These fictional universities, companies, and teams have become real by making up the fabric of our pop culture lives. Wear a t-shirt for your fave faux baseball team, the Springfield Isotopes (The Simpsons); or try Walley World (National Lampoon’s Vacation); Soul Glo (Coming to America); or Bushwood CC (Caddyshack). The Read More

Matrix: The Anso Credit Card Holder

Sometimes, you just need to go all-out 007. And when you do this, you don’t need to have a bulky wallet or one of those long wallet things. Or maybe you want to have something slick to carry your business cards in. There are a number of reasons why you would want one, but choosing can be problematic. A lot of times, they don’t have enough slots, or they’re so flimsy you may as well not even bother. That’s where I think maybe having a titanium and stainless steel credit card holder might come in handy. Of course, you don’t Read More

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Telecomm Giant Qualcomm Launches Toq Smartwatch

This smartwatch is all about wirelessness.  What it can do with no wires is truly impressive.  True, no one has ever owned a watch that had wires, but that’s hardly the point, wise guy.  This thing charges itself wirelessly.  Charges itself.  I have to use caffeinated shaving cream to get the energy to make a pot of coffee and this watch charges itself wirelessly. The Toq Smartwatch from Qualcomm uses Android technology (4.03) and with Bluetooth, plays your music with wireless headphones.  It offers a “comm hub” and a stock checker, and will write out the time like “nine oh eight” Read More

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Top 15 Men’s Watches For 2013

The clock bracelet. For decades, it has been a symbol of status, power, and sophistication. Some folks even use them to tell time. While not much has changed in purpose, the myriad designs and craftsmanship are entirely different stories. Today, you can find a pretty incredible timepiece whether you’re on a budget or have money to burn. The wristwatch is and always will be a great gift idea, particularly when you stick to the best of the best. In that spirit, we give you our picks for the Top 15 Men’s Watches for 2013. We’ve broken these down into the Read More

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