Treat Yourself To A MA-1 Flight Jacket This Holiday Season

Looks like cyberpunk-inspired fashion is finally a thing. After years of having Hollywood show us how cool dystopian fashion could be with such classics like Blade Runner and The Madrid, one company Read More

Shiftwear Wants You To Own A Single Pair Of Sneakers

Sneakerheads rejoice! Your days of buying dozens upon dozens of different sneakers just to have the coolest design or art is soon coming to an end. You see, thanks to ShiftWear’s new Read More

Alcatel’s Go Watch Is The Perfect Smartwatch For Sporty Types

Alcatel may have just been bought by Nokia, but that’s not going to stop the French company from releasing more great smartwatches. Their latest product in the wearable tech category is called Read More

$150 Buy

William Gibson’s B-29 Grosgrain Coat Is A Must-Have This Winter

If you’re into sci-fi then you probably know William Gibson as a writer and essayist — but did you know that he’s somewhat of a fashion designer as well?  A couple of Read More

Upgrade Your Wallet To A Walli

We’re going to go out on a limb here and just say it — your wallet is boring. It isn’t able to track its contents, notify you when it’s lost, or let Read More

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Zafirro Razor Gets You The Closest Shave On Earth

Looking for the closest shave on the planet? Look no further than Zafirro — a previously $100,000 Sapphire Blade Razor which is selling at the comparatively very low price of $199. So Read More

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Who Needs A Smart Watch When You Have A Slow Watch?

As we head into the holiday season, you may be thinking about spoiling yourself with a smartwatch. Don’t. Who needs a useless smartwatch when you can have a supremely crafted swiss-made watch Read More

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Own A Bike? Airbag One Is A Must

If you’re a biker then you’re taking a pretty serious risk by getting on your hog and hitting the road. But that isn’t going to stop you is it? Of course not, Read More