Banish Stains and Odors Forever With Odo

Let’s face it, you don’t smell all that great. None of us do. Don’t believe us? Try going a couple of days without showering and then asking a bro to give you Read More

Omate Takes On Apple With The Rise Standalone Watch

Apple Watch may have captured 75% of the world’s smartwatch marketshare, but that doesn’t mean that Omate is just going to give up the good fight. After releasing two somewhat commercially successful Read More

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This Is The GoldenEye N64-inspired Watch You’ve Always Wanted

Forget smartwatches, what you really want is this Goldeneye 007 watch. Inspired by the classic 1997 N64-exclusive first-person shooter developed by Rare, this watch features the same HUD from the game and Read More

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Lashevan Underwear Will Keep Your Boys Fresh When You Need It Most

Feeling hot and humid…down there? You’re not the only one. Most men’s underwear tends to scrunch up all your boys creating an often sweaty environment that’s ripe for odor-producing bacteria to thrive Read More

Aki Wallet Is The World’s Most Advanced Bifold Wallet

If you take a digital stroll down Kickstarter lane then you’ll quickly discover that nearly everyone and their brother is trying to reinvent the wallet. While some of these projects are real Read More

Put This On Proves The Pocket Square Is Back

Ahh the humble pocket square. Long ignored as some kind of vestige from an earlier and more superfluous age, this piece of folded fabric which we stuff into our suit pockets is Read More

TAG Heuer’s Carrera Connected Is The Most Expensive Smartwatch Yet

Leave it to the Swiss to create the world’s most expensive smartwatch. TAG Heuer recently announced the Carrera Connected, the newest addition to its already-extensive repertoire of luxury watches and the company’s Read More

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Treat Yourself To A MA-1 Flight Jacket This Holiday Season

Looks like cyberpunk-inspired fashion is finally a thing. After years of having Hollywood show us how cool dystopian fashion could be with such classics like Blade Runner and The Madrid, one company Read More