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Band-it 3.0: The Minimal Wallet That Fits Everything

The Band-it 3.0 may look like it can’t carry a single thing, but in reality, it fits everything in life you could possibly need at a moment’s notice. This includes your cards, cash, coins, keys, and more. How do they do it? For starters, it’s a pretty brilliant design, and there isn’t anything so space-age about it that’ll run the price into the stratosphere. Nope, using good old-fashioned elastic, the team behind Band-it 3.0 has created a sleek, elegant looking wallet for the 21st Century and its ever-present age of minimalism. With multiple colors available, we’re partial to the red Read More

Atomyzer Turns Your Smartphone Into A Fragrance Dispenser

These days, there is nowhere we don’t go without our smartphones attached to us like a lifeline. That means geniuses and designers of all types are finding ways to capitalize on the need by adding more and more functionality. The latest thing your smartphone can do? Dispense fragrances or hand sanitizer! Of course, you’ve got to have the Atomyzer to do it, but it can be done! How do you get an Atomyzer? This smartphone case/fragrance dispenser is currently available via Indiegogo for an Early Adopter price of $25 and a retail of $35. It will ship in October of Read More

Kolibree Offers A Smarter Way To Brush Your Teeth

Everything is getting smarter nowadays, so why not the toothbrush? That’s the question the folks at Kolibree have strived to answer with their app-connected smart toothbrush, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. That means you don’t have to belong to a specific “camp” to take advantage of the brush’s data. And that data includes the following: info on how to improve your brushing habits, a report card on your brushing habits in real time, a number of games and scores that you can use to make dental hygiene fun, and a fun way of getting the little ones in Read More

Pungas Gives Your Sneakers Some Much-Needed Personality

From the makers of Hickies elastic shoe lacing system, we give you Pungas, a colorful and fun way to breathe new life into your boring old sneakers. Each of these accessories are 3D-printed and capable of being moved around to different parts of the shoe, allowing you to choose the kind of look that you want — the one that best defines who you are. Furthermore, many of these accessories are functional and can be added to your shoelaces for an extra secure, tight fit. The project is in its last day on Kickstarter, so hurry up and get yours Read More

Cover Your Rear With Dude Wipes: Crib Edition

Dude Wipes: Crib Edition has come to Indiegogo with the goal of making your crib as cool as the select bathrooms throughout the country that are currently employing these comforting, paraben-free wipes for your derrier. Dude Wipes are designed to be used after the TP to make you King of the Throne. What’s different about Dude Wipes? These 48 square inch wipes give you ample coverage after proper butt maintenance, and they’re comprised of soothing ingredients that also make them flushable and biodegradable, thus allowing you to get rid of all evidence of the crime post facto. A single pack Read More

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If Your Watch Is A REC, That’s A Good Thing

REC Watches offer a simple but unique concept for their collection of timepieces: they identify “forgotten icons” and recycle those directly for the components. The result is that each and every REC Watch is not only completely unique from a visual standpoint, but it’s also embedded with the story of the particular object that has been recycled. The company has just launched its first collection, which is based on the classic Morris Mini, and the watches have been designed to subtly refer to the vehicle’s iconic design, thus taking this classic car on a journey from “wreck” to “REC,” by Read More

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The Body Dryer Bids Adieu To Pesky Bath Towels

I’m not someone who enjoys doing the laundry, and the banes of my existence as far as that goes are towels, hand towels, and washcloths. They’re bulky, hard to fold, and play hell on your dryer filter. Now with the Body Dryer, it may no longer be an issue. This simple invention will provide the heat waves necessary to dry off quickly without getting water all over the bathroom and without utilizing those rough, bacteria-trap linens that can irritate the skin and result in rash outbreaks. The Body Dryer can now be yours by making a $125 donation to the Read More

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Bowen: The Belt That Kills

Yes, we’re exaggerating in the title, only a little for effect. We suppose the Bowen Belt Buckle probably could kill if wielded in such a manner to do so. In actuality, it’s just a cool conversation piece that you can use to make your friends jealous. The sheath takes a single edge or wide double-edge buckle, which is sold separately through the company. Each belt is about 1-9/16 inches wide and features a hidden zipper for keeping your cash and small documents safe. The thieves will certainly never think to look there. And while they’re figuring out where to look, Read More

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