MoonWalker Shoes Simulate Walking On The Moon

Ever wonder what it might feel like to walk on the moon? The feeling of weightlessness is something which has captured the imagination of mankind ever since we saw Neil Armstrong hop Read More

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Look Like General Hux With This Coat

By now we’re just going to assume that you’ve watched Force Awakens. After all, what sort of Star Wars fan didn’t go see the new movie in the first two weeks? Anyhow Read More

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Apple II Reimagined As Smartwatch

Ever wonder what a smartwatch would look like if it was designed during Steve Job’s first tenure at Apple? DJ (better known as Aleator777 on decided to explore that very concept Read More

Premium Travel Jacket Is The Best Travel Jacket Ever

Isn’t it about time you ditched that ratty old letterman from high school and bought yourself a real grown up jacket? Whether or not you’re a frequent traveler you should definitely look Read More

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Wanderlust Watches Wants To Bring Back The Pocket Watch

Pocket watches aren’t dead, man. While you may think of pocketable timepieces as a relic from the 19th century, the team behind Wanderlust Watches is determined to bring them back from near-extinction Read More

Hornet By Helgray Is A Practically Indestructible Watch

Aeronautics has had a profound impact on men’s fashion over the past couple of decades. The latest in this pilot-inspired men’s fashion trend is the Hornet watch by Helgray. This simply stunning Read More

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Minus-8 Square Chrono Watch Is The Hotness

Whether you’re a luddite or just don’t think that smartwatches are that cool, there’s an analog timepiece that’s just perfect for you. If your tastes skew towards aviation and retro-cool then the Read More

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The P-51 Automatic Watch Might Be The World’s First Recycled Timepiece

If you ask us what the trendiest word of 2015 has been, we’d likely tell you it’s “reclaimed”. Whether we’re talking about reclaimed wood which is used to make retro-inspired chairs or Read More