This Is The Only Hoodie You’ll Ever Need To Own

Are you a hoodie aficionado? Do you get mistaken for Mark Zuckerberg from time to time just due to the sheer number of hoodies that you own and wear? If you’ve answered Read More

Meet Wove, The World’s First Flexible Wrist-Mounted Computer

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take your iPad and snap it over your wrist like some kind of snap bracelet? That’s exactly what the folks behind Wove have done with Read More

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Into Stark Minimalism? You Need To Own This Timepiece

Are you the type of guy who prefers a beautifully designed and minimalistic timepiece? I so, then the brand new Divided By Zero watch is for you. If you’re curious about the Read More

Shammane Is The Smart Watch Apple Should Have Released

Let’s just start this article off by saying that the Shammane smartwatch is the most gorgeous piece of wearable technology that we’ve ever seen. No other product has been able to even Read More

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Inkbox Unveils Awesome 2 Week Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos may be cool and fashionable right now but getting one can be painful and possibly lead to major regret as you age (and sag). Another problem with the permanency of tattoos Read More

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Futureproof Your Wardrobe With The Quarter Century Jacket

Brrr…it’s getting cold out there. That’s why you seriously need to start rethinking your winter wardrobe. Sure, you probably have a couple of jackets which have been mainstays of your cold weather Read More

Fossil Shows That It Still Has It With Q Smartwatch

If you’ve been following the smartwatch space for a while, then you probably already know that Fossil was pretty much the company that started the whole product category. Way back in 2011, Read More

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Are You A Runner? Then You Need Garmin’s Forerunner 630

Garmin seems fully committed to smartwatches. In fact, it’s launched so many smartwatches this year that it’s pretty difficult to keep track of them all. That being said if you’re a runner Read More