AT-ST Scout Walker Life-Size Replica

The Oblique Bottle Holder

Legacy Power Wagon

Articulate Wallet 2.0 Fights The RFID Boogeyman

RFID, which stands for either Really Freakin’ Annoying, Dude or Radio Frequency Identification, is the technology that causes everyone who walks in or out of large chain stores to set off beepers for no reason and then just keep walking. Because credit cards have RFID strips in them, they’re vulnerable to having their info swiped for identity theft purposes.  This means that RFID blocking wallets were a nearly inevitable response.  A couple of entrepreneurs came out with the Articulate Wallet a few years back and began seeking funding via Kickstarter, etc.  Now, they unveil the 2.0 version. In addition to Read More

Rolo: This Suitcase Update Was A Long Time Coming

The old way of packing for a trip was not very convenient. You stuff your clothes into a bag or suitcase — sometimes multiple bags and suitcases — and then you have to basically take everything out just to find the clothing selections and toiletry items that you need. Not very conducive to living life on the go, is it? Now with Rolo, you can ditch the old ways and instead opt for an innovative design that helps you get more out of your packing experience. Rolo is a suitcase that rolls up and doesn’t require you to unpack your Read More

Rip Clips

Guys can be pretty reckless when it comes to their pants, and pretty lazy when it comes to fixing them. The idea of breaking out needle and thread is lost on us, and with the wives and girlfriends working just as much as we do outside the home, they often don’t feel like doing it for us. Until recently, we had to pay to have pants altered, but who needs that noise? Thankfully, Rip Clips have come along to change the game. This is the world’s first pant length alterations system that doesn’t involve needle and thread. It binds together Read More

Nike Snowboarding’s LunarENDOR QS

Nike Snowboarding’s LunarENDOR QS boots add 30 LED lights to power the swish on the sides and add an extra touch of visibility while out on the slopes. The Lunarlon foam that composes much of the boot will ensure that your ride is smooth and your landings are safe, provided you know your stuff and don’t have the skiing skills of a dead politician. (No names, too soon.) While we don’t have a hard release date on this shoe just yet, we do know that Nike plans to drop it in their retail stores and online at sometime in Read More

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Recycled Firefighter Dopp Kits

On occasion, we like to feature Dopp Kits whenever we stumble across one unique enough to warrant a mention. That happened to us this week when the team at Recycled Firefighter sent us an email asking if we would check out their handmade design for guys serious about shaving and overall good grooming. (Hopefully, that’s most of you.) What’s unique about the Recycled Firefighter Dopps is this: they’re built from recycled fire hose — probably some of the strongest stuff you’ll find. Throughout the life of a fire hose, it takes a severe beating, getting dragged through glass, pulled down Read More

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Shred Your Cards With Coin

The unchanged-for-decades credit card is about to be a thing of the past. You know it. We know it. But what’s going to replace it? That’s the real question. We’ve had a few different contenders over the last few years. Google Wallet. The iCache Digital Wallet. The Loop Fob and Chargecase. Last week, Coin entered the mix, and it may be the best one yet. Coin works with a similar concept as the ill-fated iCache, which required the cardholder to swipe their cards into a smartphone app. From there, the app would (theoretically) communicate to the “Geode card” — a Read More

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Netflix Of Things: 8 Guy-Friendly Subscription Services

These days the subscription model is all the rage. Blame Netflix. Since the company started providing DVDs-by-mail ages ago, everyone from toymakers to ladies makeup manufacturers have been hoping to give their customers the thrill of getting something exciting in the mailbox while delivering showbiz-sized profits to their own bottom lines. The male demographic is not immune from the business model, and these eight guy-friendly subscription services are living proof. Dollar Shave Club It’s no secret that we’re fans of the Dollar Shave Club around these parts. Forking over $20 or more for a box that barely weighs an ounce from your Read More

Garmin’s Tactix GPS Navigator Is Rambo For Your Wrist

In the 1980s, every kid in America watched in admiration as Sly Stallone outwitted Sheriff Teasle and his army of incompetent police officers during the original First Blood. The movie was a cat-and-mouse game of one man-versus-the system, and it gave the distinct impression that John Rambo could be dropped off anywhere in the untamed world with a knife and a compass and TCB his way back to civilization. He was a real man’s man and one of the only R-rated characters to ever get his own Saturday morning cartoon. While the vast majority of us have never been able Read More

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