Lost Socks: How Sweatpants Should Have Been Created

This Kickstarter project was launched by Bryan LaBar of Salt Lake City, Utah. LaBar was inspired to move forward with his Lost Socks “during the coldest winter in Utah in the last Read More

Why Tie Those Laces When You Can Get Zipped?

Zipped is one of those creations that I wouldn’t like if it didn’t make so much darn sense. I mean, how hard is it to tie your shoelaces, seriously? Yet when you Read More

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There Really Is Always Money In The Banana Stand

The Bluth Clan from Arrested Development puts a lot of stock in the banana stand — or at least they did until burning it down with all the dough inside. It’s a Read More

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Heisenberg Cufflinks!

Got a big event that you have to dress up for — strike fear into the hearts of all those who see you by slipping on these Heisenberg Cufflinks. Okay, in reality, Read More

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Nobody Does Beards Like The Amish

Today we have a product for those of you fellas who can actually grow a beard. And when it comes to beards, like the headline says, nobody does it better than the Read More

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Introducing The Rough Rider: Teddy Would’ve Been Proud

Adventure awaits with the Rough Rider, a bag that’s made for today’s urban wrangler, transporting digital devices and documents in sturdy, long-lasting leather. The Rough Rider features a unique shoulder strap system Read More

Sole Socks: You Only Thought Your Sock Drawer Would Suffice

    Sole Socks is a simple yet effective solution to the problem of foot odor and looking like an idiot when trying to pull off the minimal sock look. All you Read More

Money Or Life: With The GDC Money Clip, How About ‘Neither’?

Your money or your life? If you are packing the Gerber GDC money clip, you don’t have to choose. That’s because your cards and your money will be safe inside the Gerber Read More

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