These Nut Butters Are A Real Kick In The Nuts, In A Good Way


Whaletone Piano

Spicebomb Cologne

Feeling short of testosterone lately? Cologne from a grenade-inspired bottle should get the juices going again. Spicebomb from Viktor & Rolf is a Nordstrom exclusive and has notes of vetiver, pink pepper, cinnamon, tobacco and leather. Or, as they put it, “an explosive cocktail of virility that transforms you into a powerful, intense and daring man.” Despite the obvious marketing tactics and buzz words being used here, so far users are reporting back with very favorable reviews. Worth a try if you ask us.

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Moonshine Cologne

Described as a gentleman’s cologne “for men comfortable in their own skin – those who don’t need to be associated with the latest trend or fad”, this unique concoction has a woodsy aroma with notes of black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and patchouli. In other words, Moonshine isn’t the only scent you’ll be putting off… think boots and pipes. Sounds like something Popeye the Sailor would wear, and we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it if you’re trying to impress a hot date… but surely at the very least, your buddies would get a kick out of it on poker night. Oh, and be Read More

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Mercedes-Benz Men’s Fragrance

That’s right, a new fragrance from Mercedes-Benz. What does it smell like you ask… exhaust? money? No, fortunately. The fragrance, developed by renowned perfumer Olivier Cresp of Firmenich, combines woody notes with hints of floral and will be offered early in 2012 as an after-shave, deodorant, cologne and shower/body gel. Sure the bottle looks cool, and maybe it even smells ridiculously good, but when someone asks you what you’re wearing, there’s just something awkward about the reply… “Mercedes-Benz.”

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Star USA | By John Varvatos

An all new fragrance to complement their latest fashion collection, Star USA has notes of red ginger, juniper berries, cedrat, blue spruce, green cardomom, and vetiver. While we haven’t yet had the chance to give this scent a try, you have to admit the packaging is intriguing in itself. The spring-loaded cap is inspired by antique beer bottles while the idea for the topper comes from old subway tokens. The result? A mini pipe bomb filled with fresh woody goodness. The TSA is going to love this. “No sir, that’s not a bomb. It’s just my cologne, I swear…”

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Que | Barbeque Cologne

Don’t get us wrong, we’re as devoted barbeque fanatics as the next guy—but “Barbeque” cologne? Seriously? Apparently, much to the horror of scent designers just about everywhere, it is so. Similar to the previously featured, almost hilariously absurd (yes, it too is the real deal) Bacon Cologne by Fargginay, Que “Eau de Barbeque” (priceless…just priceless) is a concoction of smokey meat, sweet spices, and “summer sweat” (umm…) for the avid grill-master (or redneck, take your pick) in all of us. But hey, who or whose product are we to judge? Just be mindful: Sporting Eau de Barbeque likely won’t attract Read More

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Bacon Cologne | By Fargginay

We’ve featured plenty of ridiculous bacon products around here, but nothing quite like this. A week too late perhaps? Nope, this bacon scented cologne is the real deal… no April Fools joke here. Available in a Gold (citrus) and Classic (spicy maple) fragrance, each features “one pinch of Bacon salty goodness.” Luckily, we’re pretty sure this is more about marketing than it is liquid Bacon. And hey, we’re writing about it, so it appears to be working. Straight from the official website: The year was 1920 and quite by accident John Fargginay, a butcher from Paris discovered the ability to Read More

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Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

Behold the upcoming Gucci Guilty Pour Homme cologne: it’ll be to cologne just as Ferrari and Lamborghini are to the automobile. Set to debut this year as the male companion to Gucci’s already-popular Gucci Guilty womens’ perfume, Guilty Pour Homme (for those of you gentlemen not well-versed in French, that translates to Guilty “Men”) will begin making rounds at boutiques and in the marketplace in Germany and France first—globally after that. Around 20,000 lucky men are predicted to experience the intoxicating essence of Guilty Pour Homme up until Father’s Day. So, what’s the craze about? Gucci Guilty Pour Homme will Read More

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Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection

One of the most enduring companies, known for its sophisticated style, while remaining readily available to the mass market, is and will continue to be Ralph Lauren. RL has taken a cue from the Spice Girls in naming its new fragrance line, the Big Pony Collection. Available in four flavors, the “Sporty” scent offers an invigorating mix of grapefruit and lime, while the “Spicy” scent blends dark chocolate and musk. “Adventurous” offers a combination of mint and ginger and the final fragrance, “Stylish” features hints of mandarin and kyarawood. Bottles can be purchased either individually, or in as an elegant Read More

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