Oz-1 Scent Collar

Do you live in an office with someone, who could use a bath or a stick of deodorant? Perhaps you’re the guy. God knows we could have all used the Oz-1 Scent Read More

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The Hang Over Soap And Beverage Holder

The Hang Over Soap and Beverage Holder is one of those great objects that come in handy whenever you’re trying to recover from a bender. Everyone knows that a nice shower and Read More

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CK Euphoria for Men

Cologne. Without it, men, we would have to shower every day. Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men is an option that eases that burden a bit, giving you long-lasting smell-good throughout the workday Read More

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Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set

For any girl who wanted her man to smell like something other than the 97 cent soap and shampoo selections at Walmart, the Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set is the way to Read More

Manhands Manly Scented Soap

Forget about that crap the little lady makes you use – what do they call it, body wash!? Manhands Manly Scented Soap allows us to smell exactly as we are: men. Some Read More

Ursa Major Dopp Kit

Ladies, do you like your man to look nice and smell even better? Are you tired of him ignoring all the little skin care and shower care products that you buy him Read More

Campfire Cologne

Moonshine, barbeque, bacon, campfires… all things that men enjoy having in their lives. And when we can’t have them, we can smell like them. Campfire Cologne is sure to be one of Read More

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Spicebomb Cologne

Feeling short of testosterone lately? Cologne from a grenade-inspired bottle should get the juices going again. Spicebomb from Viktor & Rolf is a Nordstrom exclusive and has notes of vetiver, pink pepper, cinnamon, tobacco Read More

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