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The Man Comb: Name Says It All

A comb for your hair? The concept’s been done to death, but never like this! With The Man Comb, growing a beard doesn’t have to be a step into the unknown. The Man Comb enables you to own your beard and barnet, so, as the creators say, even if you’re as hairy as a Yeti’s armpit you can look and feel magnificent! Each one of these groomers combines a wide range of design disciplines with advanced manufacturing — 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and state-of-the-art Injection Molding. You can pick up your Man Comb today from the Kickstarter campaign for the Read More

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Mister Pompadour Kits Offer A Better Grade Of Hair Care For Men

If we had to envision the type of hair care product that James Bond would use before he goes out on a secret mission, Mister Pompadour would come to mind. These specially formulated kits — also available as individual product — just scream rugged sophistication with a unique blend of ingredients that will have you looking forward to shower time. Each kit runs $42 and comes with eight ounces of shampoo, eight ounces of conditioner, and two ounces of paste. Our personal favorite would be the peppermint shampoo and conditioner and beeswax paste, but you can also get all peppermint Read More

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Wash Back Hair Away With Painless Brazilian Back

Not mentioning any names here, but we’ve all got friends who wish they were less hairy in the back department. It can become a source of embarrassment and frustration, causing them to always play as Shirts in the Shirts-and-Skins game and making them think twice about going shirtless in front of that special someone they’re trying to impress. Brazilian Back is a new system that tackles this issue head-on, allowing one to remove all back hair in six to eight minutes painlessly. First, apply the Brazilian Back Cream to the application garment; next, apply the garment to your back; and Read More

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Edgup Neckline Grooming Tool

Trimming your own neckline goes with the territory of living solo. And if you’re like most other bachelors, you’ve probably screwed it up at least once. That’s because you didn’t have the Edgup neckline grooming tool. Made of medical-grade silicone, this guard fits to the back of your head to give you a straight edge to shave along. The result is a perfectly groomed neckline done all by your big, bad self. The silicone has some flex to it, so the guard fits well no matter how the lower back of your head is shaped. In addition to giving you Read More

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IGrow Helmet

In a classic episode of Seinfeld, George Costanza sends off for a hair restoration treatment — the Chinese cure for baldness — and begins putting himself through a series of incidents in which he puts it on and takes it off before Elaine can see it. George is ashamed of how the foam looks on his noggin, and so he conceals it. Well, the iGrow Helmet may look as ridiculous as George felt, but there is nothing-at-all silly about what it does. Using laser technology, the helmet livens up your existing buds and stimulates the growth for a thicker head Read More

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Redken Clean Brew Shampoo

Okay, I’m just gonna go ahead and be honest about this. Using Redken Clean Brew Shampoo would not be the first time I’ve soaked my scalp in a beer-like substance, but it would be the first time I have done so with a product designed for that purpose while not being in an inebriated state. Redken has a solid rep for female beauty products, but this foray into the world of men’s grooming is perhaps the greatest product they’ve ever produced. This is an honest-to-God extra cleansing hair care item with malt, yeast, and orange zest. It’s like scrubbing your Read More

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Circular Motion Personal Barber

The Circular Motion Personal Barber system is a much easier way to cut your hair than breaking out the scissors, ruler, and mirror, or blowing $25 down at the barber shop (with or without tip, we don’t know what you pay). With this device, you can either use the AC or the rechargeable battery to make cutting your hair as easy as combing it. It all happens through the rotary cutting system and a fits-easy-in-the-palm-of-your-hand nature. Cuts in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch lengths. Probably not for those of you who want to join a hair band, but if Read More

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Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set

For any girl who wanted her man to smell like something other than the 97 cent soap and shampoo selections at Walmart, the Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set is the way to go, featuring six high-end body and skin care items, which include the Face Scrub, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hydrator, Body Wash, and Shave Cream, all in an attractive leather box with the company logo emblazoned on the top. The Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set brings skin enriching ingredients to the mix. Ingredients such as guava, black quinoa, and Brazilian papaya, for a scent that is as intoxicating as it is Read More