Cover Your Rear With Dude Wipes: Crib Edition

Dude Wipes: Crib Edition has come to Indiegogo with the goal of making your crib as cool as the select bathrooms throughout the country that are currently employing these comforting, paraben-free wipes Read More

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The Body Dryer Bids Adieu To Pesky Bath Towels

I’m not someone who enjoys doing the laundry, and the banes of my existence as far as that goes are towels, hand towels, and washcloths. They’re bulky, hard to fold, and play Read More

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The Flattering Man Is Probably The Best Old Spice Ad Ever

If you have an uppity boss who doesn’t want you having any fun at work, then you may not wish to click this link. Oh, you could, but you’ll need your audio Read More

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Nubag: We Can’t Believe It’s An Actual Product

All right, kids, we’re going to try to keep this as safe-for-work as possible, so bear with us. Ever been out on a date with someone that you’re about to get physical Read More

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Dollar Shave Club Presents One Wipe Charlies

Leave it to the good-humored folks at Dollar Shave Club — what we like to think of as the Netflix for shavers — to bring pride and fanfare to that most humbling Read More

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Ergonomical Back Massager

The older we get, the more our posture goes in to Al Bundy mode. Call it defeated by life, or simply refer to it as having too much on your plate. Whatever. Read More

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Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set

For any girl who wanted her man to smell like something other than the 97 cent soap and shampoo selections at Walmart, the Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set is the way to Read More

Manhands Manly Scented Soap

Forget about that crap the little lady makes you use – what do they call it, body wash!? Manhands Manly Scented Soap allows us to smell exactly as we are: men. Some Read More