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Cover Your Rear With Dude Wipes: Crib Edition

Dude Wipes: Crib Edition has come to Indiegogo with the goal of making your crib as cool as the select bathrooms throughout the country that are currently employing these comforting, paraben-free wipes for your derrier. Dude Wipes are designed to be used after the TP to make you King of the Throne. What’s different about Dude Wipes? These 48 square inch wipes give you ample coverage after proper butt maintenance, and they’re comprised of soothing ingredients that also make them flushable and biodegradable, thus allowing you to get rid of all evidence of the crime post facto. A single pack Read More

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The Body Dryer Bids Adieu To Pesky Bath Towels

I’m not someone who enjoys doing the laundry, and the banes of my existence as far as that goes are towels, hand towels, and washcloths. They’re bulky, hard to fold, and play hell on your dryer filter. Now with the Body Dryer, it may no longer be an issue. This simple invention will provide the heat waves necessary to dry off quickly without getting water all over the bathroom and without utilizing those rough, bacteria-trap linens that can irritate the skin and result in rash outbreaks. The Body Dryer can now be yours by making a $125 donation to the Read More

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The Flattering Man Is Probably The Best Old Spice Ad Ever

If you have an uppity boss who doesn’t want you having any fun at work, then you may not wish to click this link. Oh, you could, but you’ll need your audio speakers on for the full effect, and that may not be doable while on-the-clock. Anyhow, Old Spice has really knocked it out of the park with their ad for “The Flattering Man” muscle T-shirt. If you think the singing moms are good, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Of course, if you’re like some of us, whose best days and flat abs are things of the past, then you Read More

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Nubag: We Can’t Believe It’s An Actual Product

All right, kids, we’re going to try to keep this as safe-for-work as possible, so bear with us. Ever been out on a date with someone that you’re about to get physical with when you realize that you could use some, uh, freshening up in the pants area? Most of us keep pretty good maintenance in the beginning, but the further you move into a relationship, you never know when the moment will be right and when it is, it’s not always at the most opportune time. (Morning, anyone?) Well, that’s where Nubag Male Freshening Spray comes in handy. This Read More

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Dollar Shave Club Presents One Wipe Charlies

Leave it to the good-humored folks at Dollar Shave Club — what we like to think of as the Netflix for shavers — to bring pride and fanfare to that most humbling of all daily — or if you’re doing a beer diet, six times a day — task. That’s right, with One Wipe Charlies, you get 40 of the most durable butt-wipes that ever did a credit card check. We’re hoping that these are durable enough where all you need is one, but with some of the times we’ve been through the ringers, like after the holidays, for instance, Read More

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Ergonomical Back Massager

The older we get, the more our posture goes in to Al Bundy mode. Call it defeated by life, or simply refer to it as having too much on your plate. Whatever. At the end of the day, you need a nice back rub, and if the little lady’s not going to give it to you, then take matters into your own hands with the Ergonomical Back Massager that allows you to control the flow of the rubdown without having to rub up against something (though that can be fun, too). Just take the handle and allow the loop arm Read More

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Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set

For any girl who wanted her man to smell like something other than the 97 cent soap and shampoo selections at Walmart, the Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set is the way to go, featuring six high-end body and skin care items, which include the Face Scrub, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hydrator, Body Wash, and Shave Cream, all in an attractive leather box with the company logo emblazoned on the top. The Scaramouche & Fandango Gift Set brings skin enriching ingredients to the mix. Ingredients such as guava, black quinoa, and Brazilian papaya, for a scent that is as intoxicating as it is Read More

Manhands Manly Scented Soap

Forget about that crap the little lady makes you use – what do they call it, body wash!? Manhands Manly Scented Soap allows us to smell exactly as we are: men. Some of the different scents available include baseball glove, cash, and cedar log. A man should smell like a man, dammit, and that’s the experience the folks at Manhands Soap are selling. No bottles or luffas will be included in the package. Only a solid block of scented testosterone. Because all any man really needs in life is a washcloth and to smell like beer. And this is one Read More