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Soft Goat Beard Softener: The Ladies Are Gonna Love It!

Guys, is your special someone always complaining about the way your whiskers scratch her face when you move in for some sugar? (That’s right, we still call it sugar.) If so, then you will be doing her a huge favor if you pick up a new men’s grooming device known as the Soft Goat. The makers of Soft Goat acknowledge that scruff is sexy, and they’re not trying to rid you of that appeal, but they are attempting to make life easier on the person who finds herself on the receiving end. Just what is Soft Goat? It’s a hypoallergenic Read More

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Wash Back Hair Away With Painless Brazilian Back

Not mentioning any names here, but we’ve all got friends who wish they were less hairy in the back department. It can become a source of embarrassment and frustration, causing them to always play as Shirts in the Shirts-and-Skins game and making them think twice about going shirtless in front of that special someone they’re trying to impress. Brazilian Back is a new system that tackles this issue head-on, allowing one to remove all back hair in six to eight minutes painlessly. First, apply the Brazilian Back Cream to the application garment; next, apply the garment to your back; and Read More

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Jimmy Towel Lets You Stay Dry On The Go

Ever been out and about, needing to use the restroom, when you go into said area, do your thing, wash your hands, and then, whammo, find out there are no paper towels? It’s a problem that happens more often than we would like for it to, but now with the Jimmy Towel, it’s problem solved! This creation is a reusable, quick-drying hand towel that zips into a stylish, pocket-sized case for use whenever you’re not at home. The absorbent towel and wicking system are designed to dry your hands all day while keeping your pocket dry as well. Jimmy Towel Read More

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Nobody Does Beards Like The Amish

Today we have a product for those of you fellas who can actually grow a beard. And when it comes to beards, like the headline says, nobody does it better than the Amish. What’s their secret? Genetics, and good old-fashioned Honest Amish Beard Balm. (With a name like that, it’s got to be the truth!) Honest Amish Beard Balm is created from the finest organic ingredients available. It starts with a proprietary blend of hair strengthening botanicals infused in a base of virgin argan, avocado, grapeseed, virgin pumpkin seed, and apricot kernal oils. From there, it’s crafted with fruit and Read More

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The Flattering Man Is Probably The Best Old Spice Ad Ever

If you have an uppity boss who doesn’t want you having any fun at work, then you may not wish to click this link. Oh, you could, but you’ll need your audio speakers on for the full effect, and that may not be doable while on-the-clock. Anyhow, Old Spice has really knocked it out of the park with their ad for “The Flattering Man” muscle T-shirt. If you think the singing moms are good, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Of course, if you’re like some of us, whose best days and flat abs are things of the past, then you Read More

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Edgup Neckline Grooming Tool

Trimming your own neckline goes with the territory of living solo. And if you’re like most other bachelors, you’ve probably screwed it up at least once. That’s because you didn’t have the Edgup neckline grooming tool. Made of medical-grade silicone, this guard fits to the back of your head to give you a straight edge to shave along. The result is a perfectly groomed neckline done all by your big, bad self. The silicone has some flex to it, so the guard fits well no matter how the lower back of your head is shaped. In addition to giving you Read More

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Kolibree Smart Brush

This is Smart Week at inStash, when we discuss how to not do anything without having a blue tooth device analyzing how you’ve done it.  If you’ve ever thought maybe you were brushing some of your teeth better than others, wrap your fist around the Kolibree Smart Brush. This battery-powered toothbrush runs, of course, in conjunction with an app, and displays its analysis of your brushing progress on your phone.  As though it were a smart tennis racket, the gadget compiles brushing stats, with which you can impress your dentist. The Kolibree is bluetooth 3.0 compatible and works with IOS Read More

IGrow Helmet

In a classic episode of Seinfeld, George Costanza sends off for a hair restoration treatment — the Chinese cure for baldness — and begins putting himself through a series of incidents in which he puts it on and takes it off before Elaine can see it. George is ashamed of how the foam looks on his noggin, and so he conceals it. Well, the iGrow Helmet may look as ridiculous as George felt, but there is nothing-at-all silly about what it does. Using laser technology, the helmet livens up your existing buds and stimulates the growth for a thicker head Read More

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