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Paper Cut Razor: Great Idea, But…

From designer nadeem haidary comes the origami paper cut razor. Okay, so it’s not an actual in-use product (yet), but it is a cool way of rethinking the traditional paper cut and getting a little function out of it. According to the designer, “it’s a fictional product that playfully challenges two notions: that paper cuts are inherently evil, and that current disposable razors are truly disposable.” As bad as we hate getting paper cuts — hasn’t been a problem since the tablet was invented — this idea has us cautiously intrigued. If it worked, it would be a great way Read More

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The Ned Stark Men’s Grooming Kit From Duke Cannon

Knowing what we now know about the Game of Thrones universe, we’re not sure whether giving the Ned Stark men’s grooming collection to Dear Ol’ Dad for Father’s Day is an act of love or a threat. Either way, he’ll have everything he needs to look and smell incredible thanks to the package’s interior contents. The Ned Stark from Duke Cannon Supply Co. comes with all five of the company’s Big Ass Bricks of Soap, superior grade shaving cream, and a Duke Cannon hatchet forged with authentic Valyrian Steel (and housed in a custom leather sheath). Winter is coming. But Read More

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Mister Pompadour Kits Offer A Better Grade Of Hair Care For Men

If we had to envision the type of hair care product that James Bond would use before he goes out on a secret mission, Mister Pompadour would come to mind. These specially formulated kits — also available as individual product — just scream rugged sophistication with a unique blend of ingredients that will have you looking forward to shower time. Each kit runs $42 and comes with eight ounces of shampoo, eight ounces of conditioner, and two ounces of paste. Our personal favorite would be the peppermint shampoo and conditioner and beeswax paste, but you can also get all peppermint Read More

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Kolibree Offers A Smarter Way To Brush Your Teeth

Everything is getting smarter nowadays, so why not the toothbrush? That’s the question the folks at Kolibree have strived to answer with their app-connected smart toothbrush, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. That means you don’t have to belong to a specific “camp” to take advantage of the brush’s data. And that data includes the following: info on how to improve your brushing habits, a report card on your brushing habits in real time, a number of games and scores that you can use to make dental hygiene fun, and a fun way of getting the little ones in Read More

Cover Your Rear With Dude Wipes: Crib Edition

Dude Wipes: Crib Edition has come to Indiegogo with the goal of making your crib as cool as the select bathrooms throughout the country that are currently employing these comforting, paraben-free wipes for your derrier. Dude Wipes are designed to be used after the TP to make you King of the Throne. What’s different about Dude Wipes? These 48 square inch wipes give you ample coverage after proper butt maintenance, and they’re comprised of soothing ingredients that also make them flushable and biodegradable, thus allowing you to get rid of all evidence of the crime post facto. A single pack Read More

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The Body Dryer Bids Adieu To Pesky Bath Towels

I’m not someone who enjoys doing the laundry, and the banes of my existence as far as that goes are towels, hand towels, and washcloths. They’re bulky, hard to fold, and play hell on your dryer filter. Now with the Body Dryer, it may no longer be an issue. This simple invention will provide the heat waves necessary to dry off quickly without getting water all over the bathroom and without utilizing those rough, bacteria-trap linens that can irritate the skin and result in rash outbreaks. The Body Dryer can now be yours by making a $125 donation to the Read More

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Soft Goat Beard Softener: The Ladies Are Gonna Love It!

Guys, is your special someone always complaining about the way your whiskers scratch her face when you move in for some sugar? (That’s right, we still call it sugar.) If so, then you will be doing her a huge favor if you pick up a new men’s grooming device known as the Soft Goat. The makers of Soft Goat acknowledge that scruff is sexy, and they’re not trying to rid you of that appeal, but they are attempting to make life easier on the person who finds herself on the receiving end. Just what is Soft Goat? It’s a hypoallergenic Read More

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Wash Back Hair Away With Painless Brazilian Back

Not mentioning any names here, but we’ve all got friends who wish they were less hairy in the back department. It can become a source of embarrassment and frustration, causing them to always play as Shirts in the Shirts-and-Skins game and making them think twice about going shirtless in front of that special someone they’re trying to impress. Brazilian Back is a new system that tackles this issue head-on, allowing one to remove all back hair in six to eight minutes painlessly. First, apply the Brazilian Back Cream to the application garment; next, apply the garment to your back; and Read More

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