Rise And Shine With Power Caffeinated Toothpaste

Ever need like you need an extra jolt in the morning? You’re definitely not alone, that’s why the workplaces of the world are powered by coffee. Coffee isn’t the answer, though. That Read More

Comme Des Garcons’ Amazinggreen Fragrance Is A Must

Bro, you smell like a boy. Isn’t it time you started smelling like a man? If you’re anywhere over 15 then the answer to that question is yes, but the next question is Read More

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Zafirro Razor Gets You The Closest Shave On Earth

Looking for the closest shave on the planet? Look no further than Zafirro — a previously $100,000 Sapphire Blade Razor which is selling at the comparatively very low price of $199. So Read More

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Take Care Of Your Facial Hair With Beard Buddy

Whether you’re a beard newbie (perhaps for Movember/No shave November?) or experienced facial hair veteran, you could probably use some Beard Buddy Beard Wash. After all, the secret to lush and healthy Read More

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Mustachioed man? Treat Yourself To Johnnie Walker’s Mustache Wax

In honor of Movember, we’d like to take the opportunity to write about our favorite mustache wax: Johnnie Walker’s Mustache wax. Part of the popular Whiskey maker’s new ‘Boldest Wax’ collection, it Read More

Leave Knicks And Scrapes Behind When You Switch To Harry’s

An exceptional click is only just a click away when you visit Harry’s. Made by a group of people who were tired of having to compromise between over-priced razors that disrespect your Read More

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Breathometer Mint Makes Sure Your Breath Doesn’t Smell Before Your Hot Date

What if you could easily monitor and track your oral health and body’s hydration levels simply by breathing into a device? That’s exactly what the Breathometer Mint aims to do. Mint can Read More

Phase Out the Fuzz – Ultimate Body Groomer from Sharper Image

Sponsored Post Remember when shaving use to be such a chore? The glops of cream, the grimaces and mutters as the stubborn stubble wouldn’t smooth away. The shaving tool game has stepped Read More