Lashevan Underwear Will Keep Your Boys Fresh When You Need It Most

Feeling hot and humid…down there? You’re not the only one. Most men’s underwear tends to scrunch up all your boys creating an often sweaty environment that’s ripe for odor-producing bacteria to thrive Read More

Get Rid Of Smelly Feet With The SilverAir Crew Sock

Be honest with yourself for a second. Your feet stink. Your significant other knows it. Your pet knows it. Now it’s time for you to recognize that after hours of keeping your Read More

Want Fashion-Forward And Durable Clothing? Check Out Wool & Prince

As a fashion forward 21st century man, you already know that what makes a great article of clothing isn’t just how it looks but also the quality of the material from which Read More

MeUndies Is The Best. Period.

As a man you probably don’t really spend a whole lot of time thinking about your underwear. Besides the obvious choices between boxers and briefs or color options there’s just not a Read More

$20 Buy

Lost Socks: How Sweatpants Should Have Been Created

This Kickstarter project was launched by Bryan LaBar of Salt Lake City, Utah. LaBar was inspired to move forward with his Lost Socks “during the coldest winter in Utah in the last Read More

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Sole Socks: You Only Thought Your Sock Drawer Would Suffice

    Sole Socks is a simple yet effective solution to the problem of foot odor and looking like an idiot when trying to pull off the minimal sock look. All you Read More


Shreddies are the latest and greatest clothing invention from the mind of British genius Paul O’Leary. These undies have a special function — they’re designed to keep you from stinking up the Read More

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Move Over Snuggie, The Hoodsie Is Here To Stay

The Snuggie took the world by storm, and all it had to do was attach sleeves to a blanket. But that invention was somewhat limited in its security level. For one, you Read More

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