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Buck Mason Labor Day Package

We regret being a tad late to the party on this one, but we’re always on the lookout for some casual duds that don’t sacrifice on quality. (Sorry, Walmart.) Thanks to Buck Mason and their Labor Day Package, we’ve found just what we’re looking for! While it’s too late at this point to get the free guaranteed shipping by Labor Day, you can still make this entire ensemble yours for $222. The Buck Mason Labor Day Package comes with the shirt and shorts pictured above as well as a white crew tee. The over-shirt is cotton and contrasts perfectly with Read More

The Strange Company’s Mind-ALTERING T-Shirts: Epitome Of Cool

The Strange Company has launched a cool new Kickstarter for its Mind-ALTERING T-Shirts, which celebrate the lives of 31 of the world’s greatest thinkers. Authors, artists, inventors, philosophers — they may have done a lot of cool things in life, but they never really looked the part — until now! A sampling of the 31 shirts include: George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe, Leonardo da Vinci, H.G. Wells, Carl G. Jung, Mark Twain, and Mary Shelley (my personal favorite). If you have a love for history and risk-takers, these are the shirts that you’ll want to add to your casual wardrobe. Read More

PG Sports Launches New Apparel Line

We’ve definitely got a soft spot for people who are seizing the day and trying to make those dreams a reality. We also like cool sporty stuff. That’s why we’re encouraging you guys to check out Paul Guarino’s just-launched apparel line over on Kickstarter. Guarino is a senior at Sacred Heart University, and the sole runner of the PG Sports line. Even so, he’s a hustler and has managed to attract the attention of athletes from high school to the pros. Around 35 famous folks have donned the line, including Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillip, Washington Redskins linebacker Rob Read More

Wear The Glory Days Of Football With Junk Food NFL Tees

If you sit down and ask your grandpa he’ll be able to tell of a crazy time back in the black-and-white TV days, the pre fantasy football days, when the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins were brand new franchises, when there was no so such thing as the Seattle Seahawks, much less the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The NFL as we know it today was assembled very slowly, with additions of teams over decades, plus the merger with the AFL. Junk Food brand T-shirts pay homage to the history of your favorite NFL franchise by offering old looking tees with the year Read More

Six-Dollar T-Shirts Honor Movie And TV Awesomeness

If people don’t know the same things I know, I do not like them.  I need people to get the references I get.  If you’re like me, has the material for a devilishly-effective personality test.  Among t-shirts on many themes, 6 Dollar offers t-shirts that promote made-up entities from movies and TV shows.  These fictional universities, companies, and teams have become real by making up the fabric of our pop culture lives. Wear a t-shirt for your fave faux baseball team, the Springfield Isotopes (The Simpsons); or try Walley World (National Lampoon’s Vacation); Soul Glo (Coming to America); or Bushwood CC (Caddyshack). The Read More

Inink Tees

Are you the type of guy who likes to get more for your money? Well, with the Inink Playful Tees from the Japanese-based company, you get a T-shirt and a translucent pocket that allows you to wear your iPod wherever you go. The design of the shirt is very seamless and really brings out the fashion sense of your mobile device (not that you were ever worried about that.) The cool thing about Inink is that they’re not just a bunch of one-trick ponies. They’ve got a lot of other cool looking, functional designs – like the one that the Read More

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Wear Chemistry Bamboo Shirts

Wear Chemistry takes their name and their passion very seriously. With this line of clothing, you get a bit more substance than the standard cotton fare. While there is 30 percent of that in each selection currently available, you also get 70 percent comprised from bamboo. That’s right. The wood. Now, we’re assuming the cotton part will eliminate any risk of getting a splinter hung in your nipple, which would be the epitome of true pain. But again, don’t worry about that here. The WC experts have you covered, and they’ve also got an array of clever designs that make Read More

I Must Break You Tee And Tank

When your brand of clothing is called Aphillyated, and you’re based out of the fighting city of Philadelphia, it’s pretty much a given that you have to have some kind of Rocky-inspired gear. Well, this company doesn’t disappoint, paying textual tribute to one of the greatest villains in the history of the series. He could hit hard enough to kill Apollo Creed in two rounds, and despite his unbelievably bad English, he could still muster up enough clarity to mutter the famous lines, “I must break you.” Aphillyated has captured Ivan Drago from Rocky IV with a design that encapsulates Read More

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