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Say Goodbye To The Tuxedo Shop Forever With The Black Tux

Do you want or need to be saved from tux rental hell? If so, then you may want to try the Black Tux, a new online rental service that allows you to be fully suited and ready to rock for almost $1,100 less than what it would cost you to buy the tux in a department store. That’s right. For just $95 in many cases, you can secure the perfect look for that upcoming wedding (or funeral, depending on who died). The only thing that the Black Tux folks need are a good set of measurements and a method of Read More

Good People Biaggio Blazer

The Good People Biaggio Blazer combines formality with a casual blazer look to create a comfortable collection piece that looks great even while it allows the wearer to relax and be himself. Featured here in a gorgeous navy design with horn buttons, the Biaggio is comprised of 62 percent linen and 38 percent cotton making it rather easy to maintain no matter how much you knock around town in it. And as for knocking around town, the Biaggio has you covered there as well. The back yoke and overall design create an urban feel that makes this blazer perfect for Read More

Indochino Storm Suits

Ever been caught out in the weather while wearing a set of your best duds? If so, then you’ll appreciate the Indochino Storm Suits line that offers a variety of features that you just can’t get from traditional wear. Let’s be clear. This is very much a suit. Nothing funny-looking or humiliating as with comparing the original hybrids to their gas-guzzling predecessors. No, you won’t look like an idiot wearing one of these. That being said, it is a somewhat different experience. First there is a touch friendly storm pocket that protects your smartphone while also allowing you to interact Read More

Outlier Tailored Performance OG Blazer

In every area of life, every moment, there are winners and losers. And then there are those who are set apart from the rest. Those who never see the game as completed. Those who look at success as a way of life from which there is never any down time. These are the outliers, and in the realm of fashion, Outlier Tailored Performance seeks this level of accomplishment with its OG Blazer. The OG Blazer is tailored for movement and breathability while delivering a sturdy fashionable design that strives for that hip urban look that will set you apart from Read More

Reiss Hanbury B 1-Button Mixer

Are you the type of man who hates playing dress-up? The moment you put on an expensive set of threads are you already wanting to take them off? Well, Reiss has an offering that you may end up taking off early, but it won’t be by your choosing once the ladies catch an eyeful of the slimming Hanbury B-1 hugging your frame. Something about mid-grey that just feels right, and on the Reiss Hanbury B 1-Button Mixer, there are no exceptions. This addition to your formal wardrobe is 80 percent wool, 10 percent nylon, and 10 percent polyester on the Read More

Todd Snyder 2 Button Blazer in Brown Herringbone

Had to do a double take there, kids, when I saw the name Todd Snyder, but just for the record this is not the singer of “Alright Guy” fame. Instead it is the designer who spells his name with a “y” as opposed to the other guy’s “i.” Still, from the looks of the 2 Button Blazer in Brown Herringbone, you’ll look like an alright guy with this wrapped around you, and you should definitely feel alright, if by that we mean “warm.” (We do.) The jacket is 100% wool in genuine Harris Tweed, which was hand woven in Scotland. Read More

Load Your Lining from A Suit That Fits

Ever got to looking at your snazzy threads before a wedding or funeral – the only time we actually wear them – and think, “Hey, this thing could use a picture of my grandma extending her middle finger?” So have we. Good thing there is the Load Your Lining feature from A Suit That Fits, which allows you to upload your favorite image into the lining of your jacket. In all seriousness, this could actually be a pretty cool sentimental gift. Like what if one of your loved ones purchased the jacket for you, and now they’re no longer around? Read More

The Tailoring Club Shaw Jacket

Every girl’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man, so long as said sharped-dressed man can fit in to this Shaw Jacket and Cashmere Scarf combination from The Tailoring Club. These items strike that rare balance-of-wardrobe wherein it looks suited to both casual or formal situations. Of course some of us choose to look like the slobs that we are because we know that first bite of spaghetti is going right on the lapel whenever wearing stuff like this. But for you risk-takers, this may be the next item you should add to the closet. Shaw Jacket – 3500SEK/$449, Cashmere Scarf 2000SEK/$257