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Prepare For Battle With The Knight Hoodie

The Duncan Armored Knight Hoodie is 100 percent handmade awesomeness now available through Etsy on a made to order basis. That means the next time you decide to attend a medieval festival or theme restaurant, you can look the part while keeping a 21st Century comfortableness about you. It certainly beats the heck out of wearing an actual suit of armor. All hoodies come in the standard gray with little room for embellishment. After all, the design is so perfect, why on earth tweak it? Materials are polyester and polar polis. Given the great skill and craftsmanship that goes in Read More

Criquet Long Sleeve Button-Downs Could Be Austin’s Finest

Golf’s a classy game, so you need classy threads when you hit the links. But your style on the 19th hole will likely elicit more “oohs” and “aahs” than it does on the fairways, and a long-sleeve button-down from Criquet will get that kind of attention for you around the clubhouse. This subtly stylish Oxford-inspired casual shirt looks at home around the course, on the beach, at a BBQ, at a ballgame, or on roof-deck with a beer in one of the hands extending from its sleeves. Like Criquet’s perfectly vintage golf polos, the long-sleeve button-down is made from 100 Read More

No More Shirt Stains With Silic

There are few wardrobe malfunctions more common and embarrassing than stains. Whether it’s dumping a coffee on yourself or producing buckets of sweat from your pits, all kinds of liquids threaten to put go-home blemishes on your shirt. Silic promises to put a stop to this menace once and for all with its new hydrophobic tops. These ultra-soft, four-way stretch-polyester shirts feature a layer of billions of silica particles. When liquid comes into contact with the fabric, it beads up into 150-degree spheres that roll right off. You never have to worry about embarrassing pit stains out at the club Read More

VoyVoy Wool Flannels 2013

Last year we introduced you to the VoyVoy brand, and since then the company has continued to churn out cool guy-friendly clothing that’s perfect for work and play. The latest releases have us equally excited, particularly in the Wool Flannel department. Pictured here are the Navy Blue with Navy Gingham and Grey Gingham with Navy Blue shirts. Each are comprised of a wool flannel fabric that is a mixture of wool and cotton, which serve to hold in heat while wicking moisture. The shirts possess a non-itch printed label with the bold VoyVoy logo. On the front, you’ve got the Read More

Good People Nardo Knitwear

All right, fellas, admit it. Sometimes you like to dress up. There’s nothing wrong with looking your best, and with its spring and summer collections, Good People is here to ensure that you do. Today, we’ve got the Nardo knitwear in cobalt blue. Composed of 100 percent cotton, this knit sweater is comfortable day and night with its ribbed detailing at the top and jacquard detailing at the neck. It’s highly breathable in warmer weather, and in an unusual twist, you also get some unusual horn buttons on collar and cuffs for some added accent. Best of all, this is Read More

Rapha Super Lightweight Jersey

The Rapha Super Lightweight Jersey is a throwback style that uses a trio of synthetic fibers for one of the most breezy, comfortable cycling shirts that you’ll ever wear — and why stop there? You don’t have to be a Tour de France winner to get use out of this. It’s really for any man, who ever stepped out into the sun on a 115-degree day and hated life. Rapha promises they’ll keep you cool and dry on hot summer days, and while there may be some circumstances where that’s not entirely possible, it beats the heck out of a Read More

Columbia Zero Omni-Freeze Shirt

We’re not sure about you guys, but summers in our neck of the woods get blistering hot, and that can be a serious deterrent against getting out into the wide open spaces for a run or bike ride. Part of the problem lay in the outerwear that you choose for protection. The worst: black T-shirts because they trap the heat and elevate your body temp. With the Columbia Zero Omni-Freeze Shirt, however, you’ve got a weapon against the heat. Featuring 91% polyester and 9% elastane, along with 100% polyester Freezer pointelle mesh to cool and protect from the rays of the Read More

Regatta Stanton Fleece

The Regatta Stanton Fleece is a lightweight and affordable fleece for these weird days when the weather starts cold in the morning and turns warm during the day. Of course, if you live on the west coast or in Florida, you probably don’t have to worry about that, but the rest of us do. What you get here is one side brushed, one side anti-pill, with stretch binding cuffs and two adjustable zip pockets. In simple terms, it is an elegant look with warm material that is still lightweight enough for those days when the weather can’t make its mind Read More