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Finally! Pants You Don’t Have To Wash (Much)

If there is one quality of Man that continues to exist despite our technological advancements, it is the near-universal hatred for doing the laundry, ironing your clothes and always thinking of what to wear for the day ahead. We are, by nature, slobs, and quite proud of the fact. Thankfully, My Bluffs are pants for guys like us — they allow us to be our shlubby selves and look darn good doing it.  My Bluffs fit in to the office environment, but they can also be rolled up, folded, stuffed in a bag, and worn time and time again without Read More

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Dockers Men’s Alpha Khaki Pant

Dockers Men’s Alpha Khaki Pants are the transition between work and play. The company itself has described this SKU as “Where jeans end and khaki begins,” and truthfully, that’s a pretty accurate assessment. Similar to the Levi’s 511 Trouser, these pants are lightly tailored and tapered to perfection with a slim fit, though not so much that you’ll feel crowded. The Alphas are comprised of 100 percent cotton, and it’s a denser, more rugged twill that breaks in like jeans, molding to your body to keep the shape. The cut is square and straight through the legs, sitting slightly below Read More

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Ledge Pants

Ledge Pants has created The Pants, something all of us men have been waiting years to enjoy. These come in tan and black and look like a normal pair of dress pants or chinos, but the level of stain resistance is absolutely extraordinary. Spills from coffee, juice, wine, and water, will slide right off with the same consistency of glass. On the inside of The Pants, moisture is wicked away, thus maintaining a freshness that doesn’t require constant laundering. Perhaps best of all, these stain-resistant pants are also wrinkle resistant. That means they can sit in the dryer for days, Read More

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Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Pants

The Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Pants offer an interesting alternative to baking in the 110-degree heat. With a mounted set of fans on the pant legs, these battery-operated britches give you plenty of relief whether you work construction, for the highway department, or some other place where the powers that be have little regard for your comfort and well-being. And since the fan set is mounted on the outside of the pant, it won’t feel like you’re being weighted down with each step that you take. Available in sizes Medium, Large, 2-Large, and XL, the Kuchofuku Pants offer a comfortable combo Read More

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Championship Chinos | By Bonobos

Championship Chinos from Bonobos were designed for you guys, who are just too damn lazy at the end of a long day to slide your pants around your ankles and remove one leg at a time. The great thing about the Chinos is they are perfectly dressy enough to wear to the office, but they come off in a flash in the event that you are with that special someone, and you don’t want to run out of time before, you know… Not that that’s ever happened to the inStash crew before, we swear it! These are also perfect for Read More

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