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Columbia Zero Omni-Freeze Shirt

We’re not sure about you guys, but summers in our neck of the woods get blistering hot, and that can be a serious deterrent against getting out into the wide open spaces for a run or bike ride. Part of the problem lay in the outerwear that you choose for protection. The worst: black T-shirts because they trap the heat and elevate your body temp. With the Columbia Zero Omni-Freeze Shirt, however, you’ve got a weapon against the heat. Featuring 91% polyester and 9% elastane, along with 100% polyester Freezer pointelle mesh to cool and protect from the rays of the Read More

Tallia Orange 2013 Collection

You’ve got to be a pretty bold type of person (or in this case, company) to try and dress a fella up in orange, but the Tallia Orange 2013 Collection has some nice pieces for even the most rugged of manly men. An assortment of bright fluorescents and white make for an intriguing fashion statement, allowing you to look as if you stepped off a plane from Miami Beach wherever you go. With blazers, pants, shirts, and hats that make for a number of awesome combinations, you won’t ever want to wear drab or dark colors again. What you see Read More

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Stealth Hoodie LT

The team at Triple Aught Design unleashed their Stealth Hoodie LT on Friday, and with it, an all-weather soft shell that’ll work for the winter, but will also come in just as handy in the next couple of weeks for any outdoor excursion you have on the radar. Hiking, rock climbing, caving — virtually anything you have lined up. What sets Stealth Hoodie LT apart is its adaptive membrane known as c_change fabric that reacts to the temperatures and gives you the right amount of protection that you need, hot or cold. It also reflects UV rays from the sun Read More

Regatta Stanton Fleece

The Regatta Stanton Fleece is a lightweight and affordable fleece for these weird days when the weather starts cold in the morning and turns warm during the day. Of course, if you live on the west coast or in Florida, you probably don’t have to worry about that, but the rest of us do. What you get here is one side brushed, one side anti-pill, with stretch binding cuffs and two adjustable zip pockets. In simple terms, it is an elegant look with warm material that is still lightweight enough for those days when the weather can’t make its mind Read More

Riajyuu Girlfriend Coat

The Riajyuu Girlfriend Coat is for all the lonely people out there thinking that life has passed them by. Right now just a concept, let’s hope no one gets so pathetic that it would have to be more than that. The coat comes with a set of headphones that links to the coat, which, when put on gives you a girlfriend like squeeze and whispers a sweet nothing into your ear. Developed by a group of engineering students — who else — at the University of Tsukuba, the coat could be a nice little treatment for depressed folks, or for Read More

Glow Threads Tees

It seems like every time we’re running a glow in the dark product on here, it usually has something to do with bicycles and saving lives. Not so this time, though it’ll certainly make you visible to motorists if your car breaks down and you’ve got to hoof it from the side of the road. The great thing about Glow Threads Tees is that they are wholly customizable. Simply use the UV light to draw on the shirt and then wait for the darkness to do the rest. Not sure how many of you are up for a glow in Read More

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I’m Fine Bloody T-Shirt

Ever wanted to play the victim in a horror movie, but didn’t want to go through the hours of makeup to get there? Why not just slide on the I’m Fine Bloody T-Shirt instead and get a few laughs while you’re at it for that undeniable gift of understatement? This is some seriously grotesque stuff, folks. The shirt design has a realistic spattering of blood that wraps all the way around to the back, so it looks like a Great White just took a plug out of you. The shirts are pre-shrunk, heavy weight, and 100 percent cotton. With a Read More

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Minecraft Creeper Premium Zip-Up Hoodie

The Minecraft Creeper Premium Zip-Up Hoodie is an offering for anyone, who has ever played and loved the game or anybody, who likes the color green. While we can’t help thinking this would have come in more handy at St. Patrick’s Day, there is always next year. The 60 / 40 combination of cotton and polyester, respectively, combine for a soft and comfortable hoodie that includes a waist-to-crown zip that is sure to keep you warm through every winter to come. Since we’re the low maintenance types, we’re particularly excited that the Minecraft Creeper Hoodie is machine washable, so no Read More