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Inink Tees

Are you the type of guy who likes to get more for your money? Well, with the Inink Playful Tees from the Japanese-based company, you get a T-shirt and a translucent pocket that allows you to wear your iPod wherever you go. The design of the shirt is very seamless and really brings out the fashion sense of your mobile device (not that you were ever worried about that.) The cool thing about Inink is that they’re not just a bunch of one-trick ponies. They’ve got a lot of other cool looking, functional designs – like the one that the Read More

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Wear Chemistry Bamboo Shirts

Wear Chemistry takes their name and their passion very seriously. With this line of clothing, you get a bit more substance than the standard cotton fare. While there is 30 percent of that in each selection currently available, you also get 70 percent comprised from bamboo. That’s right. The wood. Now, we’re assuming the cotton part will eliminate any risk of getting a splinter hung in your nipple, which would be the epitome of true pain. But again, don’t worry about that here. The WC experts have you covered, and they’ve also got an array of clever designs that make Read More

Good People Nardo Knitwear

All right, fellas, admit it. Sometimes you like to dress up. There’s nothing wrong with looking your best, and with its spring and summer collections, Good People is here to ensure that you do. Today, we’ve got the Nardo knitwear in cobalt blue. Composed of 100 percent cotton, this knit sweater is comfortable day and night with its ribbed detailing at the top and jacquard detailing at the neck. It’s highly breathable in warmer weather, and in an unusual twist, you also get some unusual horn buttons on collar and cuffs for some added accent. Best of all, this is Read More

I Must Break You Tee And Tank

When your brand of clothing is called Aphillyated, and you’re based out of the fighting city of Philadelphia, it’s pretty much a given that you have to have some kind of Rocky-inspired gear. Well, this company doesn’t disappoint, paying textual tribute to one of the greatest villains in the history of the series. He could hit hard enough to kill Apollo Creed in two rounds, and despite his unbelievably bad English, he could still muster up enough clarity to mutter the famous lines, “I must break you.” Aphillyated has captured Ivan Drago from Rocky IV with a design that encapsulates Read More

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The Blue Line By Voller

Too short or too long, the search for those perfect swimming trunks seems stymied each year by an inevitable lack of luck, and even if you do manage to find something the right size, you probably won’t like the color scheme. Basically, swimwear for guys is a means to an end, until now. With The Blue Line by Voller, you’ll get a bit more thought than the $5 Walmart jobs that you pick up off the rack out of desperation. The cut is modern and slim fit, while still allowing for easy movement because of Voller’s custom stretch fabric, and Read More

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Monthly Hot Spot Shirt Program

The Monthly Hot Spot Shirt program is for any guy, who ever enjoyed snagging a T-Shirt from their favorite pubs, breweries, and other local attractions. It’s also a great way for little-heard-of vendors to grow their brand and draw attention from other parts of the country. It couldn’t work any more simply than it does. Subscribe on a month-to-month basis and each month, you’ll receive the types of tees that you just don’t have access to anywhere else. Whether you’re a bona fide shirt collector, or you just like wearing something a little different for the comments and envy of Read More

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Ojo Supply Photo Pocket T-Shirts

Ojo Supply Photo Pocket T-Shirts take the basic pocket tee design and use that space to paint a canvas of prime photography that makes for a shirt “greater than the sum of its parts.” Developed by Cincinnati, Ohio, resident Mike Hauss, each shirt uses the process of sublimation to set the photo into the fabric of the shirt. Now instead of a normal pocket T-shirt, you can choose any one of the three options pictured or add a fourth — a fiery orange red — in the initial launch of the fashion line. If you want one, they are currently Read More

Editorial Plague T-Shirts

Journalism is in an ill state of repair — at least on the American front anyway. The Edward Snowden affair has taught us that. How American news agencies were not chomping at the bit to pick that one up, we’ll never know. But it highlights a very real problem with the ongoing media biases toward one major political party or another. That reached a head recently when NBC’s Dick Gregory suggested The Guardian reporter, who told Snowden’s tale should be charged for espionage along with Snowden. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Communist States of America. Well, the guys behind Read More

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