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Raonhaje Ego | Semi-Submarine Boat

Ducati Monster Diesel Edition

NWAlpine Eyebright Jacket

If climbing is more than just a hobby to you, then you’ll want to take note of the NWAlpine Eyebright Jacket, a lightweight, fully featured waterproof jacket that has the breath-ability most similar products lack. You can place it in the lid of your pack and have a waterproof shell that’s too light to even notice. The item is made with non-woven Dyneema fabric, and boasts abrasion resistance and tear strength with a waterproof eVent membrane in an ultralight package.  The Eyebright was made in Oregon, so if you’re on a buy American kick, it will scratch your itch. It Read More

Dyer And Jenkins American Made Men Clothing Line

Most of us guys don’t go in for a lot of flash when it comes to clothing. Dyer and Jenkins has taken this reality and decided to run with it, offering a premium selection of plainly produced shirts and pants that are as down-to-earth as we like to think of ourselves. Everything about Dyer and Jenkins selection screams that you’re a dude, who doesn’t mess around with tomfoolery — from the basic tees to the vintage fleece to the denim jeans. When you’re tired of putting so much thought into everything you wear and just want to look simultaneously cool Read More

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VoyVoy Wool Flannels 2013

Last year we introduced you to the VoyVoy brand, and since then the company has continued to churn out cool guy-friendly clothing that’s perfect for work and play. The latest releases have us equally excited, particularly in the Wool Flannel department. Pictured here are the Navy Blue with Navy Gingham and Grey Gingham with Navy Blue shirts. Each are comprised of a wool flannel fabric that is a mixture of wool and cotton, which serve to hold in heat while wicking moisture. The shirts possess a non-itch printed label with the bold VoyVoy logo. On the front, you’ve got the Read More

Stantt Casual Clothing, Custom Fit

Are you tired of wearing an extra-large T-Shirt to hide the 25 pounds you’ve added to your midsection since high school? Maybe you love the way a large looks if not for the way it tightens up around the belly? Wouldn’t you rather look like the After pic up there on the right? Well if so, I feel your pain, and so do the folks behind the Stantt Kickstarter project. The Stantt team uses patent-pending technology to create and ship you a great-looking, custom-fit shirt. Just give your three most basic measurements: waist, chest, and arm length. The program does Read More

Steve McQueen Porsche Jacket

It doesn’t get much manlier than Steve McQueen chasing after bad guys in a GT Mustang. If you’ve ever seen Bullitt, then you know this guy can drive. In honor of the legendary actor-driver’s abilities, the Steve McQueen Porsche Jacket gives you the ability to emulate the man — at least in wardrobe. On the inside, the company has paid tribute with an image of McQueen outside his Porsche 908, and the jacket itself is said to be classic 70s with a makeup of 100 percent polyester, according to the Porsche website. The only downside: if you can afford the Read More

Inink Tees

Are you the type of guy who likes to get more for your money? Well, with the Inink Playful Tees from the Japanese-based company, you get a T-shirt and a translucent pocket that allows you to wear your iPod wherever you go. The design of the shirt is very seamless and really brings out the fashion sense of your mobile device (not that you were ever worried about that.) The cool thing about Inink is that they’re not just a bunch of one-trick ponies. They’ve got a lot of other cool looking, functional designs – like the one that the Read More

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Wear Chemistry Bamboo Shirts

Wear Chemistry takes their name and their passion very seriously. With this line of clothing, you get a bit more substance than the standard cotton fare. While there is 30 percent of that in each selection currently available, you also get 70 percent comprised from bamboo. That’s right. The wood. Now, we’re assuming the cotton part will eliminate any risk of getting a splinter hung in your nipple, which would be the epitome of true pain. But again, don’t worry about that here. The WC experts have you covered, and they’ve also got an array of clever designs that make Read More

Good People Nardo Knitwear

All right, fellas, admit it. Sometimes you like to dress up. There’s nothing wrong with looking your best, and with its spring and summer collections, Good People is here to ensure that you do. Today, we’ve got the Nardo knitwear in cobalt blue. Composed of 100 percent cotton, this knit sweater is comfortable day and night with its ribbed detailing at the top and jacquard detailing at the neck. It’s highly breathable in warmer weather, and in an unusual twist, you also get some unusual horn buttons on collar and cuffs for some added accent. Best of all, this is Read More