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Hector Hardskin Leather Sleeves For Apple Products

Move Over Snuggie, The Hoodsie Is Here To Stay

The Snuggie took the world by storm, and all it had to do was attach sleeves to a blanket. But that invention was somewhat limited in its security level. For one, you needed to be laying down to truly enjoy the coverage. If you stood up and walked around, it immediately began to slink off your shoulders. Mobility was very limited. Enter the Hoodsie. This descendant of the Snuggie has taken care of this major issue that its predecessor possessed by going all-in to the full-on onesie mode. Throw on a hood for added comfort, and you’re in business. Perfect Read More

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Tragically Hip Vintage Wear Via Etsy

Etsy.com, a marketplace at which indie businesses can sell their craft supplies, handmade items, and vintage items, has a fantastic array of excessively cool vintage clothes for men.  If you live far from urban centers with top-notch vintage stores, or if you’re looking for very hard-to-find items, check out Etsy’s current lineup. There are pages of ’60s looks in the form of gabardine and cashmere shirts; western shirts; blazers and cardigans.  The ’70s are very well-represented with racing jackets and loud disco gear.  The selection is not without its cowboy boots and fedoras. Catching our eye are the Guatemalan folk Read More

Lumines Neon Threads

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see a lot of neon clothing?  That might be coming to and, as two Ukranians with a dream are raising funds to roll out Lumines Neon Threads, a line of clothes with neon patterns, neon on the trim, etc. You can get suits, hats, ties, even trousers in black, blue, yellow and purple. In the dark, the wearer looks like a neon skeleton, which means you can be simultaneously safe and ostentatious with these handmade items.  They do make neon suits for your dog, which may be remotely safe, who knows? And do Read More

No More Shirt Stains With Silic

There are few wardrobe malfunctions more common and embarrassing than stains. Whether it’s dumping a coffee on yourself or producing buckets of sweat from your pits, all kinds of liquids threaten to put go-home blemishes on your shirt. Silic promises to put a stop to this menace once and for all with its new hydrophobic tops. These ultra-soft, four-way stretch-polyester shirts feature a layer of billions of silica particles. When liquid comes into contact with the fabric, it beads up into 150-degree spheres that roll right off. You never have to worry about embarrassing pit stains out at the club Read More

Wear The Glory Days Of Football With Junk Food NFL Tees

If you sit down and ask your grandpa he’ll be able to tell of a crazy time back in the black-and-white TV days, the pre fantasy football days, when the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins were brand new franchises, when there was no so such thing as the Seattle Seahawks, much less the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The NFL as we know it today was assembled very slowly, with additions of teams over decades, plus the merger with the AFL. Junk Food brand T-shirts pay homage to the history of your favorite NFL franchise by offering old looking tees with the year Read More

Six-Dollar T-Shirts Honor Movie And TV Awesomeness

If people don’t know the same things I know, I do not like them.  I need people to get the references I get.  If you’re like me, 6dollarshirts.com has the material for a devilishly-effective personality test.  Among t-shirts on many themes, 6 Dollar offers t-shirts that promote made-up entities from movies and TV shows.  These fictional universities, companies, and teams have become real by making up the fabric of our pop culture lives. Wear a t-shirt for your fave faux baseball team, the Springfield Isotopes (The Simpsons); or try Walley World (National Lampoon’s Vacation); Soul Glo (Coming to America); or Bushwood CC (Caddyshack). The Read More

Park Place Snap Front Down Jacket

Dan Tiegs, owner of the Wild Outdoor Apparel line, says, “if you put ‘wild’ in front of anything, it makes it better.”  It’s true–my wild oil change this morning was awesome! The Park Place snap front down jacket is part of the Wild line, a stately-looking piece that is just as stylish as it is rugged.  One thing about Tiegs and his WOA line: he isn’t going to try to sell you some sort of just-coat coat. It’s not about sewing together some fabric. No, these babies are engineered. Obviously, inStashers love technical specs: the Park Place delivers with 700-fill down, a Read More

Dockers Men’s Alpha Khaki Pant

Dockers Men’s Alpha Khaki Pants are the transition between work and play. The company itself has described this SKU as “Where jeans end and khaki begins,” and truthfully, that’s a pretty accurate assessment. Similar to the Levi’s 511 Trouser, these pants are lightly tailored and tapered to perfection with a slim fit, though not so much that you’ll feel crowded. The Alphas are comprised of 100 percent cotton, and it’s a denser, more rugged twill that breaks in like jeans, molding to your body to keep the shape. The cut is square and straight through the legs, sitting slightly below Read More

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