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Barbell Denim Jeans: The Next Best Thing To Being Naked

Jeans may look good and be passable on the comfort front, but whenever you stack them up against sweatpants (or nudity), they leave something to be desired. Thankfully, Barbell Denim has realized this small problem and designed a pair of jeans that moves where you move. With Barbell Denim, you have a pant that will accommodate any body type. Even if your legs aren’t particularly muscular, these will still look amazing on you and feel even more amazing as you move in them, the company promises. To accomplish this, the hybrid denim stretches both ways so that it can compliment Read More

The Smart Jean Marries Denim, Sweatpants Into One Superpant!

The Smart Jean is a magnificent new kind of pant that looks like a jean but feels like your favorite pair of sweatpants. The material is specially knitted for the company, so you’ll play heck finding something like this from a competitor. Knees and waist won’t stretch out, waist doesn’t come down in the back, and you get a full 360-degree range of motion. Robert and Angela Kim are the brilliant team behind it. If they weren’t already married to each other, we’d ask ‘em both. This is something us lazy folk have been looking for a long, long time. Read More

True Religion Ricky Straight General Lee Jean

The True Religion Ricky Straight General Lee Jean is a 100 percent cotton jean in monarch blue with a fashionable fade from waist to knee and a stiff cut around the ankle. Fully machine washable, so nothing annoying about the upkeep, these are available in a number of sizes, but don’t expect to find them at the big-and-tall shop. Waist sizes start at 28 and move consecutively upward in whole sizes to 34 before making the jump to 36, 38, and 40. Nothing beyond that, though, at least that we’ve been able to find. Still, True Religion makes a comfortable Read More

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Levi’s 511 Commuter Jeans

Inspired by Levi’s “511 Skinny Jean” series, 511 Commuter Jeans are Levi’s long-awaited (and perhaps, long overdue) brand of denim tailored exclusively for bike riders. And what’s a new product without variety? The 511 Commuter Jeans come in four styes: denim, non-denim, full-length, and cropped. All styles are rendered with the uber-popular ‘stretch fabric’ and sport accessories you just won’t find on standard fare denim, including: Levi’s proprietary NanaSphere treatment—helps to repel dirt/water and boosts durability—in tandem with an antimicrobial “Sanitized®” coating. 3M ‘Scotchlite’-lining, which is a reflective material that’s lined in the interior of the jean’s cuffs for night-riding. Read More

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