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Whaletone Piano

Glenlivet 70 Year Old Whisky

Magnetuck Solves Problem You’ve Had To Live With For Too Long

So it looks like magnets are the order of the day, eh? No worries, friends, we’re not getting repetitive. This product has a very specific purpose and design that sets it apart from our earlier offering. With Magnetuck, you can, once and for all, end the problem of annoying untucked shirts that happen throughout the day as you go from looking sharp to disheveled with the smallest amount of activity. Such is a plague we’ve had to pretty much accept if we wanted to wear dress attire. Well, no more! Magnetuck is a double-sided magnet that clips on to the Read More

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GANT Rugger Unkempt Sprezzatura Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Designer Christopher Basin has succeeded in developing a truly unique line of men’s clothing for the GANT Rugger brand through his Unkempt Sprezzatura Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, and while this cooking-phobic inStash writer could never see himself standing in the mirror wearing any of it, that is more a statement on my poor fashion sense than any detriment to Basin, my wife tells me. These looks are definitely different from anything you’ll get in an American department store with liberal, devil-may-care use of denims, canvas, wool, and flannels for that East Coast restauranteur look that the designer is shooting for. It’s Read More