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Who Needs A SmartWatch When You’ve Got Zegna Icon?

The Zegna Icon is a sleek looking bomber jacket that has the ability to pair up with the Bluetooth on your smartphone for some functionality, all playing out through a discretely placed control pad on the cuff. Sliding this baby on effectively kills the need for a smartwatch, and when it gets cold again, you’ll understand why. Even so, the Icon isn’t particularly overbearing during the springtime. It is actually a three-season must-have with waterproof microfiber and a sealed zip-through closure. The three layers of construction is what makes comfort possible in virtually all weather situations (except for the one Read More

Alpha Jacket: Where Your Spy Fantasy Becomes Reality

How do you ever expect to live out your James Bond fantasies if you don’t have the right gear and the cover of discreteness to aid you in your missions? That’s where the glorious Alpha Jacket from creator Brad Thor comes in to play. Priced at only $200, this cool-looking set of threads can do some pretty amazing things. The outside of the jacket is made from a quiet softshell, and rapid access panels (RAPs) provide access to a mid-layer of pocketing without needing to unzip the jacket. They are completely ambidextrous, and are also pockets themselves, sized to carry Read More

Burnside Alpha: Who Says Jackets Have To Be A Seasonal Thing?

The Burnside Alpha is a premium jacket made from the same materials found in what the company calls “the world’s best performance mountaineering gear.” Specially engineered to withstand tough weather conditions while striking a timeless enough look to avoid falling out of fashion, this is one jacket designed to stay within reach 365 days of the year. Burnside Alphas are made from a technical waterproof, breathable twill or denim, lined with Thermotech hollow yarn flannel and insulated with Polartec Alpha insulation. These will be limited to a run of 120 jackets per color, and you can pick one up for Read More

Park Place Snap Front Down Jacket

Dan Tiegs, owner of the Wild Outdoor Apparel line, says, “if you put ‘wild’ in front of anything, it makes it better.”  It’s true–my wild oil change this morning was awesome! The Park Place snap front down jacket is part of the Wild line, a stately-looking piece that is just as stylish as it is rugged.  One thing about Tiegs and his WOA line: he isn’t going to try to sell you some sort of just-coat coat. It’s not about sewing together some fabric. No, these babies are engineered. Obviously, inStashers love technical specs: the Park Place delivers with 700-fill down, a Read More

The Shield Tech Jacket

Safeguard your identity like any other superhero with The Shield Tech Jacket from Enthousis. The Shield has some pretty sweet amenities, including a RFID blocking pocket that guards against wireless identity theft, a growing problem throughout the world. It also boasts carbon fiber properties, a detachable hood, and a discrete storage pouch (for when you don’t want to look like the Unabomber). The company is currently running a Kickstarter where you may be able to pick up the jacket for around $113 if you act fast. Otherwise, plan on paying more at retail. Additional features include: ninja sleeves, wind-and-weather resistance, Read More

NWAlpine Eyebright Jacket

If climbing is more than just a hobby to you, then you’ll want to take note of the NWAlpine Eyebright Jacket, a lightweight, fully featured waterproof jacket that has the breath-ability most similar products lack. You can place it in the lid of your pack and have a waterproof shell that’s too light to even notice. The item is made with non-woven Dyneema fabric, and boasts abrasion resistance and tear strength with a waterproof eVent membrane in an ultralight package.  The Eyebright was made in Oregon, so if you’re on a buy American kick, it will scratch your itch. It Read More

Steve McQueen Porsche Jacket

It doesn’t get much manlier than Steve McQueen chasing after bad guys in a GT Mustang. If you’ve ever seen Bullitt, then you know this guy can drive. In honor of the legendary actor-driver’s abilities, the Steve McQueen Porsche Jacket gives you the ability to emulate the man — at least in wardrobe. On the inside, the company has paid tribute with an image of McQueen outside his Porsche 908, and the jacket itself is said to be classic 70s with a makeup of 100 percent polyester, according to the Porsche website. The only downside: if you can afford the Read More

Stealth Hoodie LT

The team at Triple Aught Design unleashed their Stealth Hoodie LT on Friday, and with it, an all-weather soft shell that’ll work for the winter, but will also come in just as handy in the next couple of weeks for any outdoor excursion you have on the radar. Hiking, rock climbing, caving — virtually anything you have lined up. What sets Stealth Hoodie LT apart is its adaptive membrane known as c_change fabric that reacts to the temperatures and gives you the right amount of protection that you need, hot or cold. It also reflects UV rays from the sun Read More