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Outback Solo, Now Available For MacBook Pro Retina

Crafted from waxed canvas and a beautifully distressed chocolate leather, the new Outback Solo bags from WaterField Designs are just what your Mac products need. What’s particularly awesome about the Solo, other than the looks of course, is that it’s the equivalent to two cases in one. For example, on the MacBook Air, there is a side pocket built specifically for an oversized smartphone as well as one that’s just big enough to hold an iPad mini in addition to the Air book. And recently, the company has added support for the MacBook Pro Retina. You can also utilize them Read More

PACT Threadless, Glueless Leather Cases For All Tastes

If you always felt the visibility of threads and the lack of dependability of glue ruined an otherwise perfectly nice leather case or bag, you’re not alone. The folks at PACT set out to fix the problem and finally believe they have with a new line of product — available now through Kickstarter — that uses neither of these materials in the construction process. Each PACT product is minimalist leather at its finest. Through the use of lasers, the company has managed to cut extremely precise patterns and then weave and fold them together by hand without using anything except leather. Read More

Filson Dry Duffle Medium

Filson’s Dry Duffle is a rugged, vinyl-coated polyester mid-sized duffle that’s ideal for transporting gear by pickup or boat. Its roll top with hook-and-loop closure, webbing handles and removable shoulder strap provide protection from wear, water and dust, making it the perfect bag for the outdoor enthusiast as well as the well-traveled. Cleanup is a cinch with material that simply wipes or brushes clean. Other features include radio-frequency welded seams for added durability. You can pick one up over at the Filson website for the low price of $160. Order today, and yours will ship out on July 9. Consider it Read More

Get Your Cool Sail-Crafted Gear From MAFIA Bags

Spend any length of time around us whatsoever, and you’ll know how much we like our bags. So when the team at MAFIA Bags sent us the link to their new Kickstarter project, we couldn’t wait to grab a look. These bags have a unique makeup, being crafted in part from repurposed sails. This makes them storage friendly and lightweight. Prices start at just $60. That’ll get you the MAFIA Classic, which is a smaller, under-the-shoulder bag. The top pricing tier is $500, and it comes with a Tubo Duffle bag, Discover pack, the Classic, the Wallet, the Mini MAFIA, Read More

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Gray Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

Fashioned from leather and canvas cloth, this handmade canvas messenger bag will make the ultimate Father’s Day gift for Dads, husbands, and boyfriends on the go. Currently available through Etsy, the VortexLimited has managed to keep costs low. (A bag like this in a department store would likely cost twice this. There are plenty of extra pockets, and it’s perfectly sized for a 14-inch laptop — I carry 13, in case you’re looking for gift ideas for yours truly, and seriously, why wouldn’t you be? Each bag is made to order and ships from San Leandro, California, so you’re supporting Read More

COLFAX PHD Is The Smartest Backpack Ever Invented

If you’re still carrying around a traditional backpack, what the heck is wrong with you, man? Get with the times! How can you do that? Well, CO.ALITION has made it simple through its new revolutionary COLFAX PHD smart backpack. Because you need a way to not only carry your physical stuff but also your digital files, the PHD was created. It comes with 500GB of wireless storage, acting as your own personal cloud service that you can carry with you at all times. The pack — and its cheaper brother — can also charge your mobile devices on the go. Read More

Rugged Materials Launches On Kickstarter

From Tyler Condie of Cedar City, Utah, comes a gorgeous collection of tough and durable bags — assorted in size and function — suitably named the Rugged Materials line. You can now order a number of different options through the company’s upstart Kickstarter project, which still has 24 days to go. The $15,000 target goal has already been met with more than $19k in donations as of this writing. Described simply as “premium leather goods for everyone,” Rugged Materials is a rare product line that lives up to its name, and looks pretty darn good doing it. Pictured above, we Read More

The Outback Duffel Bag

From the moment you get out of bed to the moment you return to it, life takes you places. It could be work, the gym, or around the globe. The Outback Duffel is a bag built for life, that lets you easily switch from play to work back to play again without looking out of place. Available in waxed canvas or ballistic nylon with premium leather accents, it holds all the things your sports bag holds and much, much more. The double-compartment model lets you keep your clean clothes in one place and dirty ones in another. The roomy one-comparment Read More