AirBolt Is The Best Way To Keep Your Luggage Safe

Frequent travelers beware: there’s been a rise in baggage-related theft over this past few years. While you’ll never be able to secure your bag if it’s stolen in its entirety, what you Read More

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This Is One Of The Most Functional Backpacks Yet

Believe it or not, a good backpack could change your life. Rather than recommending that you spend more money on the Jansports of the world, we’d actually advise you to start living Read More

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Alchemy’s Equipment Bag Is The Last Carry-on You’ll Need

Even if you’re not a frequent flier, your carry-on bag could probably use an upgrade. An upgrade to the Alchemy Equipment Carry-on Bag, of course. Designed for compliance with strict IATA standards Read More

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The Everyday Messenger Bag Is The Best Bag Ever

Want to know why the Everyday Messenger bag has the Kickstarter community excited enough to hand over $4 million in crowdfunding? Simple, this is just the best designed bag ever conceived of. Read More

iBackPack Takes On Jansport With Their Revolutionary Take On The Backpack

Ah the noble backpack. A faithful servant to all students and hikers in the world, our loyal back-mounted companion carries all of our valuables and never complaints. Never nags. So who would Read More

Safeguard Against Government Spooks With Silent Pocket

Do you have the feeling that somebody’s watching you? That you have no privacy? Well it isn’t just a dream. We live in a post-Snowden revelation era of surveillance where we now Read More

AMPL Is The Future Of The Backpack

Backpacks have been around for literally hundreds of years and while they’ve gotten fancier looking, their function hasn’t really kept up with the pace of technological changes our society has undergone in Read More

Rolopower Is The Carry-on Luggage That Charges Your Devices

With more and more passengers taking to the air each year, it seems that airports just keep getting bigger and bigger. Getting from terminal to terminal may feel like forever and when Read More