Graham ChronoFighter ProDive Professional

If you’re in the market for a large, sporty diving chronograph, you can’t go wrong with this beauty. The Graham ChronoFighter ProDive Professional is a 45mm watch that features bright yellow accents Read More

Porsche Design Watch Collection Boxset

Porsche Design’s very first creation was a watch, therefore it only makes sense that they’d celebrate their 40th anniversary with a watch collection. The Porsche Design Watch Collection comes in a special boxset Read More

Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Watches

Pac-Man fever in the 1980′s resulted in over 300,000 arcade game units being sold all over the world. And now the Swiss watch maker who brought us the Space Invaders Watch wants Read More

HM3 Poison Dart Frog Watch

Inspired by the yellow-banded poison dart frog, comes the limited edition HM3 Poison Dart Frog Watch. Designed by the Swiss watch maker, Maximilian Büsser & Friends, the HM3 comes with a black leather strap, Read More

Botta Duo 24

Sometimes we’re looking for a watch with a working casino game inside, and other times we just want simplicity. The Duo 24, from Germany’s Botta Design, is the world’s first one-hand watch featuring dual Read More

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BWD ‘Non-Date’ Submariner Rolex

Apparently, owning a Rolex these days just isn’t enough. Unless your watch is customized, you’re a nobody. Sarcasm aside though, this piece is sure to get your peers’ attention. Bamford Watch Department – Read More

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Vulcain Nautical Heritage Alarm

Vulcain is back with a modern adaptation of their original Nautical Cricket from the 1960s. The Vulcain Nautical Heritage Alarm features a 42mm case, compression table dial, inner-rotating bezel, mechanical alarm, 16-hole caseback, and a genuine Read More

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Fossil Machine Stainless Steel Watch (Black)

We come across hundreds of new products every week that could potentially be featured here on inStash. Whether it be something that’s making rounds on the internet, press releases, pitches from entrepreneurs, Read More

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