Bamboo Smart Assistant Tablet And Phone Dock

Hector Hardskin Leather Sleeves For Apple Products

Jetlev Flyer

Pebble ePaper Watch for iPhone and Android

Pebble is the first-ever ePaper watch for Android and iPhone. Taking a tired concept – the wristwatch – and breathing new life into it thanks to the ePaper functionality that you’ve come to love from eReading devices like the Kindle and Nook, Pebble integrates software applications that require only a simple download to get you the watch of your dreams. Since this is all software, you can change the face however many times that you want. All it requires is a basic download. Perfect for cycling, running, listening to music and even range-finding (for you golfers). Also delivers email alerts Read More

CST-01 from Central Standard Timing

Thinnest watch in the world, anyone? If your complaint about wristwatches is that they’re too bulky, then we’ve got some good news. The CST-01 is a minimalist’s dream come true, featuring a flexible piece of stainless steel with all the electronic components, eInk screen, and other parts layered on top. You can get a full month of use out of a single charge, which only takes about 10 minutes to pull off anyway. It comes with a handy dandy charger, so no extra parts are needed once you open the box. Central Standard Timing promises that the CST-01 is “as thin Read More

The Big Face Woody

The Big Face Woody wins props from us for being one of the most unique wristwatches we’ve ever seen. What we really like about this product offering is its smooth lightweight style and simplicity. Made from all-natural bamboo, an easily renewable resource, this thing sits friendly on the wrist and is left unfinished to preserve its unique look. The casing is around 50mm while the face is 43mm. All this comes together for an ultra-thin 3.5mm bezel that is one of the thinnest you’ll find anywhere, thus the sensation that it’s barely there when you’re wearing it. Battery life is Read More

Diesel Limited Edition – Batman Watch

Are you as broken up as we are that Christopher Nolan is through with the Batman series? Well, this may not make up for it, but it is quite the nice consolation prize to any fan of The Dark Knight trilogy. The Diesel Limited Edition – Batman Watch is straight Batman Tumbler from those trend-setting films complete with tire-treading all along a black silicone strap. There’s a white LED light to contrast with the black and a bat-signal on the face for you purists. Diesel’s Batman Watch is limited to 5,000 pieces, and you may find tracking one down a Read More

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Breitling Avenger Seawolf Blacksteel Code Yellow

Never mind brands like Rolex and Cartier: Those are for Yankee sailor boys from Nantucket. No, you want the ultimate, yet most badass-looking (and sounding) timepiece. Look no further, soldier. Consider the Breitling Avenger Seawolf Blacksteel Code Yellow (see? uber macho-sounding indeed!) watch the equivalent of a James Bond-Chuck Norris-Jackie Chan hybrid and, well, you get the idea. For starters, the waterproof-to-3,000-meters (10,000ft) (is it even possible to dive half that deep??) Seawolf Blacksteel Code Yellow case is fashioned from ultra-durable carbon fiber. Its inner bezel, seconds hand, and “Automatic” insignia on the dial ring yellow, while large, luminescent accents, Read More

Experiment ZRO12 Watch

If the Xenophobes from the Alien movies were to get together on a watch design, chances are pretty good they’d come up with something like the Experiment ZRO12 Watch from C3H5N3O9. And, yes, that’s a compliment. This thing looks wicked complex and aesthetically pleasing, though my mind still boggles a little trying to make sense of how it works. For you engineers that read our site, you’ll probably know what we’re talking about when we say that it uses a Wankel Engine and multi-layered rotation to tell you what an iPhone would tell you with a simple glance. That’s okay. Read More

The Bird Repeater from Jaquet Droz

Expecting a Big Year, Bird Watchers? If so, Jaquet Droz is bringing you what many will find an ideal wristwatch to keep up with the season ahead. The casing, hands, and clasp consist of 18-carat red gold while the birds on the inside exhibit colorful hand-painted craftsmanship that is sure to catch some eyeballs. With single-barrel hand-winded mechanical movement and off-centered hours and minutes, it may take a tad getting used to for this digital world but it’s very likely the experience will instill an appreciation in even the most tech trendy. And for those of you who prefer birds Read More

Refined Hardware The Project 1 Harbinger Edition

Sponsored Post As the world grows more crowded, many are left to wonder…whatever happened to the individual? With each minute that passes in the clockwork of society, you can almost feel obscurity sinking in, tick-by-tick. For Refined Hardware Watch Makers of Los Angeles, that isn’t going to cut it. With the company’s release of The Project 1 Harbinger Edition, 125 rugged individualists can claim a piece of something truly unique. The 45mm patent-pending “cage” piece—crafted from raw, unpolished American steel—joins with pure laser-engraved sapphire crystal on the front and back of the casing for a sleek and sturdy appearance built Read More

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