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Top 10: Richest Men (of All Time)

Spencer Collection Leather Goods

The Accurate All Black Special Edition

The Accurate All Black Special Edition is a sleek reminder that life is short, so you’d better make the most of it. This particular model possesses a black face with white arms and a very simple message: “Remember (hour hand), You Will Die (minute hand). A little “ghoulish,” perhaps? Yes. But at the same time, what better way to convey the message that this thing is shooting for? Think about the next time you could be doing something productive, and instead you’re sitting there in your recliner watching episode after episode of Married With Children. Look down at that watch, Read More

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Zayger Leathertime Watches

With Zayger Leathertime Watches, you get a timepiece that looks like pure grade-A leather thanks to a mixture of old school manufacturing and 3D printing technology. Every part of this thing looks like it belongs in the fancy office of a corporate executive. One of the best parts of the Zayger experience is that it affords you a number of different leather options. Alligator/crocodile, lambskin, ostrich, python, shark and lizard – the choice is yours. Case material options include antique bronze, gold plated steel, polished gold and polished silver. Too many color options to list, though we’re kind of partial Read More

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Hudson River Watch Company Collection

We feature a lot of watches on inStash, and no, it’s not on purpose. There are just some pretty sweet designs to choose from. But unlike most upstart watch companies, Hudson River Watch Company Collection gives you some pretty great-looking choices right out of the gate. In all, the collection has launched with 9 different looks. You can see all of them in the picture above. Personally, we’re digging the green and black striped one, though not quite sure why since those were the team colors of my most hated high school football rival. Hm. Water under a bridge, I Read More

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LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kit

All right, haven’t bought a watch in years. Haven’t wanted one. Now all the sudden this week I’ve found two that I’m not sure I can live without. On Tuesday, inStash introduced you to the ePaper-based Pebble. Now we give you the LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kit that takes your iPod Nano and turns it into a full-color touchscreen wonder that’s right at home wrapped around your wrist.  Every piece of functionality that you can get out of your Nano, you can get from LunaTik, plus you’ll have a convo starter that’ll make friends, family and co-workers absolutely green with envy. Read More

Pebble ePaper Watch for iPhone and Android

Pebble is the first-ever ePaper watch for Android and iPhone. Taking a tired concept – the wristwatch – and breathing new life into it thanks to the ePaper functionality that you’ve come to love from eReading devices like the Kindle and Nook, Pebble integrates software applications that require only a simple download to get you the watch of your dreams. Since this is all software, you can change the face however many times that you want. All it requires is a basic download. Perfect for cycling, running, listening to music and even range-finding (for you golfers). Also delivers email alerts Read More

CST-01 from Central Standard Timing

Thinnest watch in the world, anyone? If your complaint about wristwatches is that they’re too bulky, then we’ve got some good news. The CST-01 is a minimalist’s dream come true, featuring a flexible piece of stainless steel with all the electronic components, eInk screen, and other parts layered on top. You can get a full month of use out of a single charge, which only takes about 10 minutes to pull off anyway. It comes with a handy dandy charger, so no extra parts are needed once you open the box. Central Standard Timing promises that the CST-01 is “as thin Read More

The Big Face Woody

The Big Face Woody wins props from us for being one of the most unique wristwatches we’ve ever seen. What we really like about this product offering is its smooth lightweight style and simplicity. Made from all-natural bamboo, an easily renewable resource, this thing sits friendly on the wrist and is left unfinished to preserve its unique look. The casing is around 50mm while the face is 43mm. All this comes together for an ultra-thin 3.5mm bezel that is one of the thinnest you’ll find anywhere, thus the sensation that it’s barely there when you’re wearing it. Battery life is Read More

Diesel Limited Edition – Batman Watch

Are you as broken up as we are that Christopher Nolan is through with the Batman series? Well, this may not make up for it, but it is quite the nice consolation prize to any fan of The Dark Knight trilogy. The Diesel Limited Edition – Batman Watch is straight Batman Tumbler from those trend-setting films complete with tire-treading all along a black silicone strap. There’s a white LED light to contrast with the black and a bat-signal on the face for you purists. Diesel’s Batman Watch is limited to 5,000 pieces, and you may find tracking one down a Read More

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