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10 Wearable Tech Gadgets That’ll Change Your Life

Gerber Cable Dawg Tool

Jeanrichard Terrascope

High wire walker Nik Wallenda is quite the man. On Sunday night, he crossed a 1,400 foot gorge near the Grand Canyon. One misstep would have sent him plummeting 1,500 feet to his death in the Colorado River. That’s right. He wore no tether or safety harness. Just his own brass cojones. And the Jeanrichard Terrascope watch. As you can see from the photos, the black face version of this one comes with a variety of different straps. One color conspicuously absent, though — yellow. And we doubt Wallenda would have been wearing one had it been available. Anyhow, you Read More

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Kisai Breathalyzer Watch

Next time you’re out at a club or restaurant and you’re not sure what time it is, and you think you may be drunk, the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch Intoxicated will come in mighty handy. Simply breathe on the built-in breathalyzer and allow the device to tell you exactly how think that you drunk you are. Another solid benefit of Kisai Intoxicated is its ability to tell time in a way that even Drunk You can understand using bold digital fonts on negative space for easy readability whether you’re seeing in ones, twos, or threes. So if you’ve thought about racing Read More

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Vachen Smartwatch

The Vachen Smartwatch works on an Android operating system, opening up a wealth of endless face choices for one of the most customizable watches around. One package comes equipped with a metal casing, two straps, and a USB cable, so you’ll never have to be without the time of day. As you can see from the images, you can get pretty diverse with it, matching different styles to whatever you’re wearing that day. And with the ability to call, SMS, and email, it gives you a much needed break from the smartphone without losing connectivity to friends and/or business associates. Read More

Zeus By Boxer Watches

Zeus from Boxer Watches is the alpha of timepieces for those of you who are sick of digital screens, digital clocks, and the constant harassment of modern technology. The open face of Zeus represents a back-to-basics approach to time management with a skeleton gold stainless steel material that leaves nothing to the imagination. The dial is housed in a white stainless steel frame and is kept together via genuine leather band — available in black and brown. The weight of the watch feels virtually non-existent on your wrist in spite of the over-sized face. Part of that weightless comfort comes Read More

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Radiation Detecting Watch

Hopefully, you would never have to use it for the purpose stated in the title, but isn’t it good to know that you’ve got an onboard Geiger counter when you need one. In all seriousness, you can set this Radiation Detecting Watch to pick up on any irregularly high readings. Should you hit that threshold, an alarm will sound drawing your attention to the danger, so you can promptly get the heck out of dodge. This timepiece measures both single-dose gamma rays as well as cumulative exposure. It also looks bad-a with a titanium case and can do the whole Read More

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Original Grain Wristwatches

Original Grain Wristwatches offer a seamless blend of all natural wood and stainless steel in a sturdy and elegantly designed timepiece that’ll attract more than a few looks. The OG is coming in three starter designs that you see here, and it has also added a beautiful black on black design as well as something for the ladies over at its Kickstarter page (see Buy link). Featuring a 52mm case, a 43mm face diameter, and a 24mm band, Original Grain Wristwatches offer the essence of manliness. Yours will arrive at your door in an engraved wooden box for safekeeping, though Read More

Lyke Watches

Just when you think there are no original ideas, some students at BYU have formed the Lyke Collective to blow those notions out of the water. With the Lyke Watch, or Lyke Watches rather, you can essentially purchase 1,024 different watches for pennies each. Sounds too good to be true until you see how it works. Simply buy one set of five bands, all different colors; mix and match until you’ve found a combination you want; and slide in the timepiece for a water resistant wristwatch that allows you to coordinate with virtually any outfit in your wardrobe. To top it all Read More

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The Accurate All Black Special Edition

The Accurate All Black Special Edition is a sleek reminder that life is short, so you’d better make the most of it. This particular model possesses a black face with white arms and a very simple message: “Remember (hour hand), You Will Die (minute hand). A little “ghoulish,” perhaps? Yes. But at the same time, what better way to convey the message that this thing is shooting for? Think about the next time you could be doing something productive, and instead you’re sitting there in your recliner watching episode after episode of Married With Children. Look down at that watch, Read More

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