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Ring Clock IndieGogo

You’ve probably heard the expression “too much time on my hands” a thousand times before. Well, with the Ring Clock, you can never have enough time on your hands, literally. Two years ago, we brought you the concept, but it was a long way from becoming reality. We pleaded with someone, ANYONE, to bring it in to production. Finally, someone has heard our call! If you head over to IndieGogo, you can pick up your very own Ring Clock. Your donation to the crowd-funding effort (still 51 days to go at the time of this post) will ensure this unique Read More

Cobb & Co. Wood, Steel, And Leather Watches

While the Kickstarter for this one is still on the horizon, the Cobb & Co. Wood, Steel, and Leather Watches have us hopeful for future success. Here you get two different body makeups consisting of leather and wood and stainless steel and wood, your choice. The stainless steel will run a bit more than the leather, but if you like that polished, modern look, then it may very well be the best path for you. Either way, the wood is all natural, the stainless steel is of medical grading, and the style will fit any occasion. If you’ve been in Read More

MVMT Watch

MVMT (pronounced “Movement”) watches are affordable, stylish, and high quality at a price that the people, who see it on your wrist, won’t believe. The collection comes in six different colors and styles including the black and tan leather (pictured), the white and tan leather, black on black leather, and the white and black leather. You can also get non-leather versions in black on black and white on silver. The team currently has about 20 days to go on their Indiegogo project, and have already smashed their $15,000 goal, bringing in a haul of more than $37,000 as of this Read More

Oktopus II Titanium Red

Oktopus II Titanium Red is the latest from Linde Werdelin, makers of high-end analogue watches and attachable digital instruments for skiing and driving. Definitely a unique product, this time full-blooded with a vibrant color to represent the new summer dive collection. In addition to the titanium case, Linde Werdelin also weaves in a satin finish and black ceramic bezel to offer superb scratch resistance. Unfortunately, it’s limited to only 88 pieces, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to pick one of these up for your watch collection. Linde’s products are hitting more US retailers later this year, Read More

$10900 Buy

Spring Break White Party Wood Watch

Spring Break White Party Wood Watch is made of pure maple wood and derives its name from a unique white face, which will match most any outfit that you have in the wardrobe, especially when you’re forced to wear a white tuxedo as yours truly was on his wedding day. Boasting a case size of about 46mm and sporting Miyota movement with a white dial and silver accents, you’ll definitely be the talk of whatever occasion you end up wearing it to. Other features include a distinct buckle clasp, an adjustable band, and hypo-allergenic status. Everything you want in a Read More

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Jeanrichard Terrascope

High wire walker Nik Wallenda is quite the man. On Sunday night, he crossed a 1,400 foot gorge near the Grand Canyon. One misstep would have sent him plummeting 1,500 feet to his death in the Colorado River. That’s right. He wore no tether or safety harness. Just his own brass cojones. And the Jeanrichard Terrascope watch. As you can see from the photos, the black face version of this one comes with a variety of different straps. One color conspicuously absent, though — yellow. And we doubt Wallenda would have been wearing one had it been available. Anyhow, you Read More

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Kisai Breathalyzer Watch

Next time you’re out at a club or restaurant and you’re not sure what time it is, and you think you may be drunk, the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch Intoxicated will come in mighty handy. Simply breathe on the built-in breathalyzer and allow the device to tell you exactly how think that you drunk you are. Another solid benefit of Kisai Intoxicated is its ability to tell time in a way that even Drunk You can understand using bold digital fonts on negative space for easy readability whether you’re seeing in ones, twos, or threes. So if you’ve thought about racing Read More

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Vachen Smartwatch

The Vachen Smartwatch works on an Android operating system, opening up a wealth of endless face choices for one of the most customizable watches around. One package comes equipped with a metal casing, two straps, and a USB cable, so you’ll never have to be without the time of day. As you can see from the images, you can get pretty diverse with it, matching different styles to whatever you’re wearing that day. And with the ability to call, SMS, and email, it gives you a much needed break from the smartphone without losing connectivity to friends and/or business associates. Read More