The Iconic Seiko 7A28-7000 Watch From Aliens Is Now On Sale

Have you heard of the DeLorean BTTF effect? If not, you may not be the only one. The DeLorean effect is what happens when a unique product design isn’t enough to make Read More

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Activité Steel Is A Smartwatch Which Hits The Sweet Spot

Remember Withings? The French hardware manufacturer created two highly successful analog smartwatches earlier this year that proved to the world that ‘smarter’ doesn’t always equal digital. While their initial two-pronged approach aimed Read More

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Trivoly Can Turn Any Old Watch Into A Smartwatch

If you’re a sartorial geek then you’ve probably become somewhat conflicted by the rise of smartwatches. On one hand, they can make your life somewhat more convenient by providing you with notifications Read More

Rufus Cuff Is The Future Of The Smartwatch

Psh, smartwatches are so 2014. If you’re ready for the next step in wrist-mounted computing then you really should look into getting yourself a Rufus Cuff. Unlike a smartwatch which requires you Read More

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Pebble Strikes Back With Time Round Smartwatch

Don’t count Pebble out just yet. While the plucky startup has been facing stiff competition from both Android Wear and Apple Watch alike, the company has recently doubled down its efforts in Read More

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Meet Wove, The World’s First Flexible Wrist-Mounted Computer

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take your iPad and snap it over your wrist like some kind of snap bracelet? That’s exactly what the folks behind Wove have done with Read More

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Into Stark Minimalism? You Need To Own This Timepiece

Are you the type of guy who prefers a beautifully designed and minimalistic timepiece? I so, then the brand new Divided By Zero watch is for you. If you’re curious about the Read More

Shammane Is The Smart Watch Apple Should Have Released

Let’s just start this article off by saying that the Shammane smartwatch is the most gorgeous piece of wearable technology that we’ve ever seen. No other product has been able to even Read More

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