Yo-Kai Watch Is A Low-End & Fun-Filled Smartwatch

Level-5 launched Japanese monster game Yo-Kai Watch on the Nintendo 3DS late last year, but that was only the first step in the company’s master plan for smartwatch domination. Now the company Read More

You Can Now Own The Very Same Watch Daniel Craig Wore In Spectre

Ever want to be like James Bond? While you may think that the sort of lifestyle that 007 has lived is only accessible by spending millions on fancy cars, you can start Read More

HP Takes On Apple With Juxt Smartwatch

HP may not be the unstoppable titan it once was (thanks Léo Apotheker!) but it isn’t going down without a fight. Successfully identifying smartwatches as a viable product category way before Apple Read More

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Fossil’s Q54 Pilot Is Half-Watch And Half-Activity Tracker

Fossil is seeing the writing on the wall. More and more consumers aren’t content with just buying timepieces that, well, tell the time. That’s why their newest Q54 Pilot features a gorgeous, Read More

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FitBit Enters Smartwatch Race With Blaze

The rise of smartwatches is quickly making fitness trackers a thing of the past. After all, who would want to wear a fitness tracker in addition to a smartwatch that will give Read More

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Customize Your Own Watch With Zeewatch

Analog watches are cool and all, but once you buy one you’re pretty much stuck with the same look forever. In the over 100 years since wristwatches first appeared in the trenches Read More

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Razer Nabu Watch Is A Smartwatch For Gamers

Ceci n’est pas une smartwatch – this is not a smartwatch. At least, that’s what noted gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer would have you believe. Their newest Razer Nabu Watch is a “watch Read More

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Cinnamon II Is The Perfect Watch For The Vintage-Obsessed Geek

Hopelessly retro yet into technology? The Cinnamon II is the watch for you. Inspired by the design of 80s Apple products (especially the Apple II), this watch features an astoundingly fast 1 Read More