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Airquee Inflatable Pub

The Driven Executive’s Nap Tie

Do you live to work? For those of us who find the 40-hour workweek to be just part-time, there is now a necktie that will not only make you look professional, but it will also help you catch up on the Zzzz’s whenever there is a free moment. This is the necktie with a built-in inflatable pillow that enables the fully-engaged executive to inconspicuously recharge with a power nap. The tie requires only a few puffs of air on its hidden valve and a closed office door or a darkened conference room for brief refreshment. It even provides impromptu cushioning Read More

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Ejamsi Necktie And Wallet

Silvestre Ramos started Ejamsi as a response to the daily problem of having to wear a tie to work. After a while, he says, the wallet would become uncomfortable, so that led him to take the real estate of his neck tie and incorporate card slots on the back. His finished product is now the answer for any guy, who has to dress up to go to work every day. Why sit lopsided on a square piece of leather, when you can carry all the essentials from a non-intrusive fashion accessory? Ejamsi also carries with it built-in RFID protection to Read More

The Button Bow: Headband, Tie, Necklace, Anything!

These days, it seems like every single thing we buy has to do more than one thing for it to be worth anything. The creators of The Button Bow have gotten this message in creating their bow tie that doubles as a headband or necklace. Finally, a clothing accessory we can pull off our noggins after a workout and fasten around our necks for that next big job interview. (Not sure we’d recommend that, though.) Each one is handmade on a sewing machine with no cheap glue shortcuts. All products are crafted from high quality designer fabric remnants. These fabric remnants Read More

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Lucas Taylor Wood Tie Clip Goes Cocobolo

It’s kind of hard to get excited about a tie clip, yet here we (and 178 other Kickstarter backers) are, broadcasting our affection for the Lucas Taylor Wood Tie Clip, crafted from Cocobolo heartwood, one of the rarest and most expensive woods in the world. This really is a fines accessory for those pesky times in life when a suit and tie is necessary.  Unlike other wood tie clips, the Lucas Taylor boasts a routed groove in back to secure the metal portion of the clip, offering superior durability and fashionability. The final product is hand sanded and stained for Read More

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REVO Necktie Or Wallet: Why Can’t It Be Both?

The makers of the REVO necktie think they have a fashion accessory that would make James Bond jealous. Considering 007 has pens that can fire explosives and what-not, we sincerely doubt it. However, that doesn’t make REVO any less cool. This is essentially a necktie with a hidden compartment for your business cards and other wallet essentials. Equipped with two pockets discretely sown to the back, the REVO can either supplement your wallet or outright replace it. The bottom pocket is ideal for Business Cards, driver’s license, IDs, and Credit Cards, though the company does recommend you go no higher Read More

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Actual Zip Tie

For any of you guys out there, who still can’t tie a tie — or if you just don’t like going through the motions three times every time before you get it right — Actual has a new Zip Tie that we think you’re going to like. Couldn’t be easier to figure out. Just drape it around your neck and zip it up like a jacket. Even though the zipper part shows, it still looks pretty snazzy. While you can vary the length up in three different sizes, the color scheme is pretty straight forward. Just a flat gray made Read More

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Tetris LED Tie From Bill Porter

This electronic DIY project from the mind of Bill Porter was irresistible to us, especially considering the freakish amount of time we’ve been spending on Tetris Blitz lately. You do have to know your way around circuits to pull it off, but luckily, Porter has a website that can walk you through the entire process. Just click the buy link for the full details. What you get for your patience and elbow grease: a wearable necktie that can get you through the countless boring hours at the office with one-, two-, three-, and four-line drops. Porter has plans to add Read More

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Harvey Wooden Bow Tie

The Harvey Wooden Bow Tie is for you guys, who don’t mind daring to be different. It’s a quirky and bold addition to any wardrobe, wedding party, or night on the town. Fashioned from a piece of Canary wood and centered with an eye-catching blue and green centerpiece comprised of solid silk, this is one accessory, which will look and feel great around your collar. The Harvey Wooden Bow Tie is a classy piece of menswear that will be an instant conversation starter, and that’s a good thing, even if people do try to compare you to Zach Galifianakis. If Read More

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