Top 10: Richest Men (of All Time)

Beer Infused Ice Cream

Quadski | Personal Sports Amphibian

Tikker Death Watch

This is the month of scares and shivers, but why confine all that fear to a mere 30 days when you can experience it every time you check the time? With the Tikker Death Watch, you can receive constant reminders that there’s a little less time to live than there was before. We’re not sure how accurate it is, but they at least attempt the appearance of authenticity by having you fill out a questionnaire to get a bead on your probable croak date. As far as design goes, there’s nothing too flashy about it, but then death isn’t either Read More

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W.T. Author Wristwatch

These days, it seems like a new company is coming out with a wristwatch every time you turn around. And while W.T. Author joins a sea of many with their new line of timepieces, we’ll say they do what they do better than most of the competition. These watches are elegant pieces of manliness custom made to encircle your wrist. With Swiss made movements and a 46mm custom made casing, W.T. Author has the functionality down pat. As looks go, they (wisely) use a gorgeous, no frills, rugged leather strap and offer the facing in a choice of four colors: Read More

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CleverFit Collar Stay

The CleverFit Collar Stay fixes a problem yours truly never even knew existed. (Of course, that’s because I wear shorts and a T-shirt most every day.) If you have had to dress up for much of your career, then you know how annoying it can be once those dress shirt collars start to flip at the tip or bow in. What you need to combat the problem is a dependable collar stay that keeps your collar looking stiff and perfect. Enter the CleverFit, which is a sturdier go at the innovation, guaranteed to stabilize your collar so you can get Read More

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Ring Clock IndieGogo

You’ve probably heard the expression “too much time on my hands” a thousand times before. Well, with the Ring Clock, you can never have enough time on your hands, literally. Two years ago, we brought you the concept, but it was a long way from becoming reality. We pleaded with someone, ANYONE, to bring it in to production. Finally, someone has heard our call! If you head over to IndieGogo, you can pick up your very own Ring Clock. Your donation to the crowd-funding effort (still 51 days to go at the time of this post) will ensure this unique Read More

Actual Zip Tie

For any of you guys out there, who still can’t tie a tie — or if you just don’t like going through the motions three times every time before you get it right — Actual has a new Zip Tie that we think you’re going to like. Couldn’t be easier to figure out. Just drape it around your neck and zip it up like a jacket. Even though the zipper part shows, it still looks pretty snazzy. While you can vary the length up in three different sizes, the color scheme is pretty straight forward. Just a flat gray made Read More

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Ribbon Sunglasses With Retractable Cloth

Ribbon Sunglasses With Retractable Cleaning Cloth equals a novel idea from student Patrick McCrory, an attendee of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, who has just launched an IndieGogo project that solves the cleaning cloth problem while also delivering a high quality pair of stylish shades. Thus far, the crowdfunding effort has just gotten underway, but we see good potential here. The cloth is unobtrusive when not in use, and it won’t do damage to the lenses, a big plus for a guy used to scratching his up via shirttail. Price listed is for the Classic version, Read More

Cobb & Co. Wood, Steel, And Leather Watches

While the Kickstarter for this one is still on the horizon, the Cobb & Co. Wood, Steel, and Leather Watches have us hopeful for future success. Here you get two different body makeups consisting of leather and wood and stainless steel and wood, your choice. The stainless steel will run a bit more than the leather, but if you like that polished, modern look, then it may very well be the best path for you. Either way, the wood is all natural, the stainless steel is of medical grading, and the style will fit any occasion. If you’ve been in Read More

Heisenberg By Goorin Bros

The Heisenberg by Goorin Bros. pays tribute to one of the greatest characters in TV and movie history in a manner that’s going to be hard for any other Breaking Bad homage to top. In his “ordinary” life, he was Walter White, doormat chemistry teacher, whose life was a disappointment. But as a cancer patient, he became Heisenberg, one of the most bad-a meth cooker-extraordinaires around. When you watch Breaking Bad, you really do get a sense there are two different people in the body of Walter White, and this hat brings out the dark side. As far as Goorin Read More

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