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The Top 100 One-Hit Wonders of All Time

Minimal Leather Wallets

We get tons of great tips on new wallet creations every day here at inStash, and if we ran them all, we’re pretty sure you’d be sick of reading us. That being said, sometimes a wallet comes along that really catches our eye because of unique design, functionality, craftsmanship, you name it. That happened recently with the Minimal Leather Wallets from creator Jordan Draper. Draper’s creations are cut from 3/32″ thick American vegetable tanned leather and are built with solid antiqued brass rivets. They allow just enough space for cash and cards, so maybe they’re not for those of you Read More

Vice Holster

Not every shoulder holster needs a firearm hanging off it. With the Vice Holster, you’ll have ample space for two items that kill much slower (but probably more preferred except in the case of emphysema). Crafted from top grain leather, you’ll be able to stash your cigarettes and flask in the pockets and conceal with a nice jacket in case you’re in a situation that calls for use. Completely adjustable thanks to the back rivets and large enough to carry up to six ounces of firewater, you’ll be glad you have it when the little lady drags you off to Read More

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Tetris LED Tie From Bill Porter

This electronic DIY project from the mind of Bill Porter was irresistible to us, especially considering the freakish amount of time we’ve been spending on Tetris Blitz lately. You do have to know your way around circuits to pull it off, but luckily, Porter has a website that can walk you through the entire process. Just click the buy link for the full details. What you get for your patience and elbow grease: a wearable necktie that can get you through the countless boring hours at the office with one-, two-, three-, and four-line drops. Porter has plans to add Read More

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Jeanrichard Terrascope

High wire walker Nik Wallenda is quite the man. On Sunday night, he crossed a 1,400 foot gorge near the Grand Canyon. One misstep would have sent him plummeting 1,500 feet to his death in the Colorado River. That’s right. He wore no tether or safety harness. Just his own brass cojones. And the Jeanrichard Terrascope watch. As you can see from the photos, the black face version of this one comes with a variety of different straps. One color conspicuously absent, though — yellow. And we doubt Wallenda would have been wearing one had it been available. Anyhow, you Read More

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Kisai Breathalyzer Watch

Next time you’re out at a club or restaurant and you’re not sure what time it is, and you think you may be drunk, the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch Intoxicated will come in mighty handy. Simply breathe on the built-in breathalyzer and allow the device to tell you exactly how think that you drunk you are. Another solid benefit of Kisai Intoxicated is its ability to tell time in a way that even Drunk You can understand using bold digital fonts on negative space for easy readability whether you’re seeing in ones, twos, or threes. So if you’ve thought about racing Read More

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STOCK Wallet

If you’re looking to keep all your valuables in one place — and we do mean all of them — then you’ll want to give a look to the STOCK Wallet, which is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign to raise $12,000. Since the designer, Rye W. from Los Angeles, California, is already close to halfway there with 26 days to go, we predict he’s going to make it. STOCK does everything. It carries your phone, your cash, your cards. In fact, on the cards topic, we’re especially pleased with how it allows you to access those, magnetic strip facing out Read More

The Fusion Wallet

We here at inStash see a lot of wallets come across our inbox each week, and while we’ve received some pretty unique spins on the concept, we’re not sure we’ve seen any that have gone as far as The Fusion Wallet in completely breaking the mold of what you would expect in a holder for your credit cards and money. Created by 25-year-old designer Thomas Johnson from various types of wood, including Mahogany, Iroko, Oak, and American Black Walnut, each wallet is CNC machined to perfection for a durable container that carries comfortably and keeps all your valuables where they Read More

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The Rib

The Rib is the latest Kickstarter campaign from Ryan Beltran at Original Grain. InStash originally carried Ryan’s Original Grain watches in the midst of his crowdfunding effort. The project would finish with $390,000, so there’s definitely a precedent for success here, and we think he may have another winner. This wax canvas carrier eliminates the bulge in your pants by taking phone, keys, Tic-Tacs — everything a man needs to survive basically — and tucking them away in a nice pouch that fits to your form around the rib and at first glance, looks like a classy set of suspenders like Read More