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Ashworth Driver Cap

The Ashworth Driver Cap is one of those fashion necessities for your days out on the green. You won’t want to take another whiff at the ball until you’ve given this thing a test drive. Boasting a herringbone top, stretchy fabric throughout the body, and the snug comfort of a sweatband around the head, it’s a testament of style and comfort. Whether you’re the next Tiger Woods (on the course or the club), this makes for a classically cool option that looks boss on the top of your noggin. You may have to dodge accusations of “Hipster!,” but don’t listen Read More

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Mission Belts

Mission Belts are the popular no holes belts as seen on Shark Tank that use a ratchet system to adjust to the length you need. Though you can buy them in both 35mm and 40mm sizes, they can easily be cut down to the proper size, so it never looks as though you’ve got too much material. With a combination of convenience and stylish material (with a wide variety of colors to choose from), these items may be the last of their kind that you ever need, but the benefit of buying one goes well beyond comfort. For each Mission Belt Read More

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AK-47 Money Clip

The AK-47 Money Clip may not be something in which you see Dianne Feinstein carrying around her cash, but it’s certainly a manly and flashy way to hold the green together. The wallet replacement comes plated in 18-karat gold for a lustrous look that will steal all the attention away from the bills they’re holding together. With any luck potential pickpockets will also take it as a warning that there could be a life-sized, loaded version waiting on them if they try to take what belongs to you. In all likelihood, however, they’ll never even notice because it’s almost too Read More

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iCache Digital Wallet

UPDATE — Readers, sometimes in a hurry to bring you the best products and ideas on the web (and in the real world), we miss things. Things we shouldn’t have. And thanks to reader Ben Allred, we’ve got an unfortunate update to make regarding the iCache Digital Wallet. This link from The Post and Courier out of South Carolina gives a detailed breakdown of why iCache is a bad idea and one you (and we) should now forget about, except for as a cautionary tale. Thanks, Ben, and be careful out there re: Kickstarter projects, people. It’s an agreement between Read More

Zeus By Boxer Watches

Zeus from Boxer Watches is the alpha of timepieces for those of you who are sick of digital screens, digital clocks, and the constant harassment of modern technology. The open face of Zeus represents a back-to-basics approach to time management with a skeleton gold stainless steel material that leaves nothing to the imagination. The dial is housed in a white stainless steel frame and is kept together via genuine leather band — available in black and brown. The weight of the watch feels virtually non-existent on your wrist in spite of the over-sized face. Part of that weightless comfort comes Read More

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Radiation Detecting Watch

Hopefully, you would never have to use it for the purpose stated in the title, but isn’t it good to know that you’ve got an onboard Geiger counter when you need one. In all seriousness, you can set this Radiation Detecting Watch to pick up on any irregularly high readings. Should you hit that threshold, an alarm will sound drawing your attention to the danger, so you can promptly get the heck out of dodge. This timepiece measures both single-dose gamma rays as well as cumulative exposure. It also looks bad-a with a titanium case and can do the whole Read More

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Mini Switchblade Necklace

Need a little touch of bad-ass in your jewelry box? Well, first get rid of the jewelry box. You’re a man! Once you’ve done that, grab one of these Mini Switchblade Necklace items. You can see from the pic that it folds up or pops out with the push of a button. From there, it locks in to place and gives you a sturdy three-quarter-inch blade that works in most any situation (except a knife fight). In all seriousness, this would come in quite handy if you’ve got a lot of boxes to move or need a nail file on Read More

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Crocheted Optimus Prime Helmet

Roll out, Autobots, in this awesome Crocheted Optimus Prime Helmet from the silly folks at Briabby. You’ve got to admit from the looks of this thing, it beats the heck out of the beard beanie that’s been getting peddled around as a gag the last two Christmases. While it may be late in the season to wear this creation, it never hurts to prepare now for next winter. Excellent crochet work on this will have your friends mistaking you for the resident Transformers good guy hero the minute they see you. Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch, but if you Read More

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